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Quiz About Funerals


  1. Whose epitaph reads in Gaelic, "I told you I was ill"?
  2. Diana, Princess of Wales' funeral took place in which church in September 1997?
  3. In South Africa, what colour has been adopted as a colour of mourning?
  4. John F. Kennedy was buried in which cemetery?
  5. Antyesti, literally meaning "last rites or last sacrifice", refers to the rite-of-passage rituals associated with a funeral in which religion?

  6. In 2005, whose ashes were fired from a cannon on top of a 157 foot tower paid for by actor Johnny Depp?
  7. In which Asian country are the remains of dead relatives turned into coloured gem-like beads to display at home?
  8. In 1926 which actor had two funerals, the first in New York, then a second funeral in Los Angeles was arranged to attract attention and money from his many fans?
  9. In a 1982 eulogy, at whose funeral did James Stewart describe as "just about the nicest lady I ever met"?
  10. Which American president read the eulogy at Nelson Mandela's funeral?
  11. Who directed Four Weddings and a Funeral?
  12. Which poet wrote "Funeral Blues"? (Hint: this poet also wrote a famous verse commentary called Night Mail for a 1935 post office documentary)
  13. Who wrote the 1964 spy novel "Funeral in Berlin"?
  14. Whose final resting place is in St Martin's Church in Bladon?
  15. Who died aged 97 in May 2019 and requested that no funeral or memorial service be held for her, and that she be buried in an unmarked grave?
  16. After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, his body was taken on a five-state tour via train - in which state was he finally buried?
  17. After a car crash in 1997, Eugene Shoemaker is the only person to be laid to rest where?
  18. Whose ashes have been laid to rest under the stage at the London Palladium?
  19. Outside of the Royal Family state funerals in Britain are very rare, which non Royals had state funerals in the following years: (a) 1727, (b) 1852, (c) 1898, and (d) 1919?
  20. At whose funeral on January 13, 1929, did the pallbearers include Arizona Territory diarist George Parsons, actor William S. Hart, playwright Wilson Mizner and actor Tom Mix?
  21. Operation Forth Bridge refer to funeral plans for Prince Philip, and Operation Menai Bridge refer to the funeral plans for Prince Charles. Which bridge refers to the funeral plans of the Queen? What about the Queen Mother's 2002 funeral?


  1. Spike Milligan's
  2. Westminster Abbey
  3. Red
  4. Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
  5. Hinduism
  6. Hunter S Thompson
  7. South Korea
  8. Rudolph Valentino
  9. Grace Kelly or Princess Grace of Monaco
  10. President Barack Obama
  11. Mike Newell

  12. W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh Auden)
  13. Len Deighton
  14. Sir Winston Churchill
  15. Doris Day
  16. Illinois (in Oak Ridge Cemetery, just outside of Springfield, Illinois)
  17. On the moon (Eugene Shoemaker is a famous astrophysicist)
  18. Sir Bruce Forsyth's
  19. (a) Sir Isaac Newton, (b) The Duke of Wellington, (c) William Ewart Gladstone, and (d) Edith Cavell
  20. Wyatt Earp's
  21. Operation London Bridge for the Queen. And the Queen Mother's was Operation Tay Bridge.