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Garden Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. Broom, jasmine and gorse all flower in what colour?
  2. What name was given to the World War II campaign set up by the British Ministry of Agriculture to encourage British people to grow their own food?
  3. With a single small white drooping bell-shaped flower, what is the more common name for Galanthus?
  4. Acer palmatum is commonly known as Japanese what?
  5. Which flowering shrubs are distinguished from "true" rhododendrons by having only five anthers per flower?

  6. Brothers Harry and David have won the Chelsea Flower Show twice - what is their surname?
  7. What term describes plants that like acid soil and will not tolerate alkaline soil?
  8. True or false? A notch in a tree will move upwards from the ground as the tree grows?
  9. What is the commonest name for the plant impatiens?
  10. What name beginning with the letter 'e' is the practice of controlling woody plant growth for the production of fruit, by tying branches to a frame and pruning?
  11. True or false? A strawberry is the only fruit that bears its seeds on the outside?
  12. True or false? Snapdragons earned their common name because of the flowers' resemblance to the face of a dragon?
  13. In 2003, who replaced Alan Titchmarsh as the lead presenter of Gardeners' World?
  14. Which low-growing annual plant with brightly coloured flowers is also the name of a novel of historical fiction first published in 1905?
  15. Do Fuchsia plants prefer full sun or partial shade?
  16. Polyanthus is thought to have originated from a hybrid between the common primrose and Primula vulgaris. By what name do we better know Primula vulgaris?
  17. The scientific name for which flower is Dianthus caryophyllus, meaning flower of the Gods?
  18. The name of which mountain flower when translated from German quite literally means 'white and noble'?
  19. Which flower representing sweetness and the return of happiness has tiny, white, bell-shaped blooms that have a distinct fragrance?
  20. There are five main types of hydrangeas, what colour are the majority of hydrangea blooms?
  21. Which deciduous trees used in the manufacture of charcoal for drawing, have roots which spread widely and are very aggressive in seeking out moisture?
  22. One of the easiest crops to grow, which vegetable comes in varieties such as 'Scarlet Emperor', 'Painted Lady' and 'Red Rum'?
  23. From which small tree do sloe berries come?
  24. What word beginning with "c" is a plant that has been grown from a stem cutting or grafting to ensure it retains the characteristics of the plant parent?
  25. By what name do we better know Calluna vulgaris, the dominant plant in most British moorland?
  26. What term means to remove the spent blooms on a plant to encourage further flowering?
  27. Which supplier of seeds, bulbs, and other horticultural products was founded in the Berkshire town of Reading in 1806?
  28. What name is given to leaves, bark or other organic matter laid over the soil in order to prevent weeds from growing and to keep the soil moist?
  29. What name is given to the loosening of soil by digging or by other mechanical means to allow air to move freely?
  30. Rumex obtusifolius is an aggressive invasive species commonly known by what name in the UK?


  1. Yellow
  2. Dig for Victory
  3. Snowdrops
  4. Maple (Japanese Maple)
  5. Azeleas
  6. Rich (Harry and David Rich)
  7. Ericaceous
  8. False. It will stay the same distance from the ground as the tree grows.
  9. Busy lizzie
  10. Espalier
  11. True. (On average a strawberry has 200 seeds)
  12. True
  13. Monty Don
  14. The Scarlet Pimpernel
  15. Partial shade
  16. Cowslip
  17. Carnations
  18. Edelweiss
  19. Lily of the Valley
  20. White
  21. Willow
  22. Runner beans

  23. Blackthorn
  24. Cultivar
  25. Heather
  26. Dead heading
  27. Suttons Seeds
  28. Mulch
  29. Aeration
  30. Dock leaf