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GK Quiz Questions I

  1. Which food substance is shown in a cave painting of humans foraging for it at least 8,000 years ago in Spain and does not spoil, if sealed, even after thousands of years?
  2. What do the intials TCM stand for in the movie satellite and cable channel TCM?
  3. It's amused maths' students for two generations; what numbers do you input into a calculator to get the word 'EGGSHELL' when turning the instrument upside down?

  4. Which world city is nicknamed the 'City of Sails' with about one in three households owning a boat?
  5. What is the English translation of the Japanese word Kamikaze?
  6. A lower second class degree in Britain is often referred to by which male first name?
  7. What does the 'G' stand for in the name of the satirical fictional character Ali G.?
  8. Which highly contagious disease is also known as varicella?
  9. What element is the sun mainly composed of?
  10. Which British publishing house is located in an area of the London it shares it's name with and is the publisher of the Harry Potter series?
  11. What was the name of the Duke of Wellington's favourite horse (which he rode at the Battle of Waterloo)?
  12. Keele University is located in which English county?
  13. Charles Ingram became infamous for cheating on which general knowledge quiz show?
  14. In 1957, actress Jill Ireland married which actor?
  15. Which type of saw with a steel frame and a wooden handle that can be turned to tighten the blade is used for cutting intricate patterns in wood?


  1. Honey
  2. Turner Classic Movies
  3. 77345993 (EGGShELL)
  4. Auckland
  5. Divine wind
  6. A Desmond (after Desmond Tutu)
  7. Graham (Alistair Leslie Graham)
  8. Chickenpox
  9. Hydrogen (70% hydrogen, 28% helium, 1.5% carbon, nitrogen and oxygen)
  10. Bloomsbury Publishing
  11. Copenhagen

  12. Staffordshire
  13. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  14. David McCallum
  15. Coping saw

General Knowledge Quiz Questions II

  1. Which American public holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in September?
  2. From the Anglo-Norman word for 'little apple' what name is given to the enlarged fitting at the top of a sword handle?
  3. Which story is thought to be based on the life of Alexander Selkirk?
  4. Which American president established the military academy known as West Point?
  5. Why did Sandra Rivett make headlines?
  6. Which branch of zoology is concerned with the study of birds?
  7. The first airport in the UK to be named after an individual serves which city?
  8. Devil's bones is slang for what?
  9. What does the 'E' stand for in the non-departmental public body the EHRC?
  10. The Penshaw Monument is a folly built in 1844 within which British city?
  11. In the 1997 film Mrs Brown who starred as John Brown?
  12. What do Muddy Fox, Whyte, and Hero manufacture?
  13. What colour is the door of number ten Downing Street?
  14. How many inches is the close equivalent to 30 centimetres?
  15. In old typesetting the infinity symbol was often made by rotating which number by 90 degrees?


  1. Labor Day
  2. Pomel
  3. Robinson Crusoe
  4. Thomas Jefferson

  5. She was the nanny found dead in Lord Lucan's family home
  6. Ornithology
  7. Liverpool (Speke airport was renamed John Lennon airport in 2001)
  8. Playing dice
  9. Equality (The Equality and Human Rights Commission)
  10. Sunderland
  11. Billy Connolly
  12. Bicycles
  13. Black
  14. 11 (1 inch equals 2.54 cms)
  15. Eight

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