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General Knowledge Questions

  1. What name is given to a swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape, especially the sea?
  2. In which television Western drama did Burton Reynolds first become famous?
  3. Which part of the human body is measured using the cephalix index?
  4. What does a lapidarist work with?
  5. Which British surgeon pioneered antiseptic surgery?
  6. Hillary Clinton was born and raised in which American city?

  7. The PDSA Dickin Medal is an award for animal bravery (it is commonly referred to as "the animals' Victoria Cross"); the medal was awarded 54 times between 1943 and 1949, which sort of animal won the most medals during this period?
  8. "Goodbye, Piccadilly, farewell, Leicester Square!" are chorus lines from which song popular among soldiers in the First World War?
  9. A Kingdom Hall is a place of worship used by which group of people?
  10. Which sweet North American soft drink is traditionally made from the sassafras tree?
  11. What name is given to the network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States in the mid-19th century to help slaves escape to the free states and Canada?
  12. Who is Shawn Corey Carter married to?
  13. Which British chocolate and confectionery maker based in York, was founded in 1767, and in 1993 taken over by Kraft Foods?
  14. What number is represented by the roman numerals CM?
  15. What was directed by Ridley Scott at Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, in 1973?
  16. What name is given to the support about which a lever pivots?
  17. Which footballer is best known for being the record holder for most goals scored in a single tournament of the FIFA World Cup? (Hint: it was in 1958)
  18. Which cartoon characters catchphrase is, "Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"?
  19. The four types of coal include peat, bituminous, anthracite, and which other type?
  20. The name of which concentrated soft drink brand translates to an informal "hello" in the Maori Language?
  21. In the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe set sail from which English seaport in 1651?
  22. Name the capital city of the Tyrol region in western Austria, which is also the fifth-largest city in Austria?
  23. Which is the strongest material ever tested by scientists?
  24. Name the highest mountain in the Rocky Mountains Range (Hint: when spelled backwards, it's not 'double')?
  25. In 1992, which duo found fame in the UK when they joined The Big Breakfast and later had a UK top five single with "Them Girls Them Girls"?
  26. The name of which ancient continent is named after a region of India, inhabited by the Gondi people?


  1. An infinity pool
  2. Gunsmoke
  3. The head
  4. Gemstones
  5. Joseph Lister
  6. Chicago
  7. Pigeons (it was awarded 54 times between 1943 and 1949 – to 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, 3 horses, and one ship's cat)
  8. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
  9. Jehovah's Witnesses
  10. Root beer
  11. The Underground Railroad
  12. Beyonce Knowles (it's the real name of Jay-Z)
  13. Terry's
  14. 900
  15. The (famous) Hovis Advert (it was directed by Scott before he found Hollywood fame!)
  16. Fulcrum
  17. Just Fontaine
  18. Elmer Fudd
  19. Lignite
  20. Kia Ora

  21. Hull or Kingston upon Hull
  22. Innsbruck
  23. Graphene
  24. Mount Elbert (spelled backwards, it spells 'treble')
  25. Zig and Zag
  26. Gondwanaland