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General knowledge television quizzes


  1. In january 2024, Stephen Fry was the host of which new British edition of a long-running quiz show?
  2. Which quiz show host was often asked by smirking students: "Can I have a P, please Bob?"
  3. Whose 'Great British Pub Quiz' had Shaun Williamson as the barman?
  4. German skier Fanny Chmelar's name sent who into hysterics?

  5. Geoffrey Wheeler took over from Jimmy Tarbuck in 1987 as the host of which TV quiz show?
  6. "College Boy" is the theme tune of which series?
  7. Which Henry Kelly hosted quiz show featured contestants from different European countries?
  8. Moneybags was hosted by someone best known for acting in which science fiction sitcom?
  9. What was the faultless title of a BBC quiz show hosted by Nick Knowles from 2011 to 2015?
  10. In 1989, music tycoon Simon Cowell appeared as a contestant in which quiz show?
  11. In 2000, CJ de Mooi won a bad loser edition of which television quiz?
  12. On which British general knowledge quiz show did Bill McKaig record a maximum score of 433 points?
  13. Which 'club' is a game show hosted by Lee Mack?
  14. Which game show was hosted from 1967 to 1984 by Robert Robinson?
  15. Which television quiz show was envisaged as a "reverse Family Fortunes" and was originally going to be called 'Obviously'?
  16. The title of Mastermind's theme music is "Approaching" what?
  17. How many celebrities sit in chairs on the outer edge of a 13-metre wide circle in The Wheel?
  18. Qualified taxi driver John Moody hosted which TV quiz show?
  19. What is the three word title of the preliminary round on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire??
  20. What term describing irritatingly knowledgeable people was also the title of an Ann Widdecombe television quiz?
  21. What 'eye' is missing from the following list: lion, twisted flax, two reeds, horned viper, and water?
  22. In October 2022, Judith Keppel announced her retirement from which TV quiz series?


  1. Jeopardy!
  2. Bob Holness
  3. Al Murray's
  4. Bradley Walsh (The Chase)
  5. Winner Takes All
  6. University Challenge
  7. Going for Gold
  8. Red Dwarf (the host was Craig Charles)
  9. Perfection
  10. Sale of the Century
  11. Weakest Link
  12. Fifteen to One
  13. The 1% Club
  14. Ask The Family
  15. Pointless
  16. Approaching Menace
  17. Seven
  18. Cash Cab
  19. Fastest Finger First
  20. Cleverdicks
  21. Eye of Horus (Only Connect)
  22. Eggheads