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  1. Which ghost is often criticized by his three wicked uncles, the Ghostly Trio?
  2. Ebenezer Scrooge encounters the ghost of which dead business partner in the book, A Christmas Carol?
  3. Which ghost was sometimes called "the Mean Green Ghost" in the Ghostbusters films?
  4. Which seventeenth-century merchant ship is said to haunt the high seas?

  5. In which Shakespeare play does a ghost tell the main protagonist that his father was murdered by his treacherous brother Claudius?
  6. Which firm hired out spirits for various tasks in a British children's TV comedy originally broadcast by the BBC between 1976 and 1984?
  7. Which book by American author Jay Anson, published in 1977, is also the basis of a series of films?
  8. Who is the female presenter of the Most Haunted British TV series?
  9. The Ghost Train is a 1941 British mystery film based on a 1923 play written by which English playwright and actor?
  10. In which British city can you go on the Old Town and Underground Ghost Tour?
  11. Which British band released the song Ghost Town in June 1981?
  12. Who wrote the play Blithe Spirit?


  1. Casper the Friendly Ghost
  2. Jacob Marley
  3. Slimer
  4. The Flying Dutchman
  5. Hamlet
  6. Rentaghost
  7. The Amityville Horror
  8. Yvette Fielding
  9. Arnold Ridley (later known for portraying the elderly Private Godfrey in the sitcom Dad's Army)
  10. Edinburgh

  11. Specials
  12. Noel Coward

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