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Grand National Quiz I

  1. How many fences does the winning horse have to jump in the grand national?

  2. On which racecourse is The Grand National annually held?
  3. Which fence, named after a soldier, have jockeys compared to "jumping off the edge of the world."?
  4. Which horse (ridden by jockey Davy Russell) won both the 2018 and 2019 National?
  5. In the 1956 Grand National which horse famously belly flopped forty yards from the line in what was a certain victory?
  6. Red Rum won the Grand National in which three years?
  7. Can you name the trainer of Red Rum?
  8. Who became the first woman to train a Grand National winner in 1983? And can you name her horse?
  9. Which year's Grand National was postponed after two coded bomb threats were received from the Provisional IRA?
  10. Who was said to be the greatest jockey to have never won the Aintree Grand National until he won it in 2010 after 15 attempts?
  11. Name the famous owner of Miinnehoma, the winning horse in 1994?
  12. What was remarkable about Marcus Armytage, the winning jockey of Mr Frisk in 1990?
  13. How many horses lined-up at the start of the 2019 race? And which trainer broke the record by entering 11 horses?
  14. How old do horses have to be to be elligible to run in the Grand National under changes made to improve safety?
  15. What links actor Steve McQueen to the 2000 winner?


  1. 30 fences
  2. Aintree Racecourse (Liverpool)
  3. Becher's Brooke
  4. Tiger Roll
  5. Devon Loch (owned by the Queen Mother and rode by jockey (and later author) Dick Francis)

  6. 1973, 1974, and 1977
  7. Ginger McCain
  8. Jenny Pitman. Corbiere was her horse.
  9. 1997
  10. A P McCoy or Tony McCoy (Don't Push It was the name of his horse)
  11. Freddie Starr
  12. He was an amateur jockey (a journalist by profession). He also won in a record Grand National time!
  13. 40 horses. The trainer is Gordon Elliot.
  14. 7 years of age or older
  15. Papillon (the name of the winner and also an iconic role played by Steve McQueen)

Grand National Quiz II

  1. In the 1967 Grand National, most of the field were hampered or dismounted at the 23rd fence, allowing which 100/1 rank-outsider to win?
  2. Which jockey recovered from cancer to win the 1981 Grand National? Can you name his horse? And which actor portrayed him in a 1984 film?
  3. Which company sponsored the Grand National from 1984 to 1991?
  4. Which horse won the 1993 Grand National?
  5. In 2009, which horse became the longest-priced winner of the National for 42 years, winning by 12 lengths, at odds of 100/1?
  6. Each year branches of which tree are sourced and transported from forests in the Lake District for use in building the fences?
  7. Which horse posted the course's fastest winning time in 1990?
  8. Which trainer won the Grand National from 1953 to 1955 with three different horses and is often dubbed 'The greatest trainer of the 20th century'?
  9. Which fence positioned in front of the grandstand, is the tallest on the course?
  10. In 1982, Dick Saunders became the oldest winning jockey on Grittar, but how old was he: (a)39, (b)43, or (c)48?
  11. Complete the names of the following winning horses: (a)Hallo ..., (b)Neptune ..., and (c) Earth ....?


  1. Foinavon
  2. Bob Champion. The horse was Aldaniti. John Hurt was the actor.
  3. Seagram
  4. None! The race was declared void after a series of incidents and a false start that was never stopped.
  5. Mon Mome
  6. Spruce tree
  7. Mr Frisk
  8. Vincent O'Brien
  9. The Chair at 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m)
  10. (c) 48
  11. (a) Hallo Dandy (1984), (b)Neptune Collonges (2012), and (c)Earth Summit (1998)

Grand National Trivia III

  1. In which year was the race first run: (a)1789, (b)1839, (c) 1879, or (d)1899?
  2. How many fences on the course are negotiated only once? Can you name them?
  3. Name the first female to compete in the race? And in 1982, who became the first woman to complete the course?
  4. Fence number 9 and 25 was renamed after a horse that reputedly jumped it hind legs first in 1840, can you give the name?
  5. Which horse was famously 15 lengths ahead of Red Rum in the 1973 race, but carrying 23 pounds more weight began to tire badly and was pipped on the line?
  6. Can you name the horse racing commentator for the BBC from 1947 to 1997 who described some of the greatest moments in the history of the Grand National?
  7. Seagram finished sponsoring the event in 1991 but can you remember which horse won that year?
  8. The 1928 race saw the lowest number of finishers. It remains the record but how many horses finished the race that year?
  9. Which fence is notable for the sharp left turn that the runners have to take as soon as they have negotiated the fence?
  10. Ginger McCain is the trainer that won three times with Red Rum, but with which horse did he also win with in 2004?
  11. Which jockey won the race three times: in 1968 on Red Alligator, and on Red Rum in 1973 and 1974?
  12. The 1980 winner was named after a mountain, name the horse?


  1. (b)1839

  2. Two. The Chair and The Water Jump.
  3. Charlotte Brew (in 1977). And Geraldine Rees completed the course in 1982.
  4. Valentine's
  5. Crisp
  6. Sir Peter O'Sullevan
  7. Seagram was also the name of the winning horse!
  8. Two horses
  9. The Canal Turn
  10. Amberleigh House
  11. Brian Fletcher
  12. Ben Nevis

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