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25 Greatest Christmas Songs Quiz - Handout

What is our Quiz Handout?

A festive handout sheet featuring twenty-five questions on the greatest songs of Christmas. This sheet has room for your answers and is ideal for a fun music Christmas quiz. Two sheets to prints - question sheet and answer sheet.

Questions include performers such as Eartha Kitt, David Bowie, Wizzard, and George Michael; and all time Christmas classics such as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "Last Christmas".

Download and print a ready-made music quiz!

image of a printer 25 questions in PDF format which will print onto an A4 sheet.

Download our Christmas music handout: 25 GREATEST CHRISTMAS SONGS QUIZ

This quiz is a free quiz. Every effort has been made to make sure all questions and answers are correct and all our free quizzes are for fun purposes only.

Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate sheet. See our main printables quiz page if you do not have a PDF reader - you can get them for free.

IMPORTANT: Print out the question sheet using the usual PORTRAIT mode page settingsin your printer controls.

Our Greatest Christmas Songs Sheet...

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