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Quiz About the Colour Grey

Trivia Questions

  1. Grey was the colour of which army's uniforms during the American Civil War?
  2. The substance that composes the brain is sometimes referred to as 'grey' what?
  3. The American medical drama TV series Grey's Anatomy is set in Grace Hospital in which city?
  4. Which beverage is named after the UK Prime Minister of the 1830s?
  5. The painting "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1" is best known by what name?
  6. American author Zane Grey was best known for his popular adventure novels and stories on what subject or genre?

  7. Which Premier League football team changed their grey strips at half-time in 1996 citing the excuse that the players were not able to pick each other out?
  8. What metal is also the name given to a metallic tint of pale greyish-white?
  9. Who wrote the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray in 1891?
  10. Which British television music show was presented in the 1970s by Bob Harris?
  11. Lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for how many days in 1553?
  12. Name the Skye Terrier who in 19th-century Edinburgh became known for spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner?
  13. What is the name of the nests built in forks of trees by grey (and red) squirrels?
  14. In 1975, at the age of 19, footballer Andy Gray moved from Scotland to which newly promoted English First Division club?
  15. What type of bird is a Congo African grey?
  16. The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is an area of about 40,000 interlocking dark grey columns of what igneous rock?
  17. Grays is the largest town in which county?
  18. Who wrote the best-selling erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey?
  19. Who is the famous fictional son of Viscount and Lady Greystoke?
  20. What name for a shade of grey shares its name with a battle fought on the 14 June 1800?


  1. Confederate Army
  2. Grey matter, or "little grey cells"
  3. Seattle
  4. Earl Grey Tea
  5. Whistlers Mother
  6. Westerns, or the Wild West
  7. Manchester United
  8. Platinum
  9. Oscar Wilde
  10. Old Grey Whistle Test
  11. Nine days
  12. Greyfriers Bobby
  13. Drey
  14. Aston Villa
  15. Parrot
  16. Basalt
  17. Essex
  18. E. L. James
  19. Tarzan
  20. Marengo