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Gunpowder Plot


  1. The Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt to assassinate which king?
  2. The plot took place on the Opening of Parliament in which year?
  3. Who was the leader of the group of Englishmen who planned the failed plot?
  4. The opening of Parliament in February was the original target for the plotters but the opening would be pushed back until October. Why?

  5. Guy Fawkes was born in which English city in 1570?
  6. The plot centred around five conspirators, two had the first name Thomas, can you name both?
  7. Which guards perform a modern day ceremonial search of the cellars of the Palace of Westminster prior to the State Opening of Parliament to ensure no latter-day Guy Fawkes is concealed in the cellars?
  8. Guy Fawkes was sentenced to death by which method?
  9. What religion were the gunpowder plotters?
  10. Guy Fawkes signed his first confession under torture with the faint signature of which five-letter name?


  1. King James I of England
  2. 1605
  3. Robert Catesby
  4. Concerns about an outbreak of plague that winter
  5. York
  6. Thomas Winter and Thomas Percy
  7. Yeomen of the Guard
  8. To be hanged, drawn and quartered
  9. Catholic
  10. Guido