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Hard Dingbats

Difficult Dingbats Puzzle - ready-made and free to instantly print

What are HARD dingbats?

Firstly, this is our most difficult dingbats quiz. Dingbats are word and picture puzzles. Each puzzle offers a word clue to a well known phrase or saying. See our examples at the bottom of this page.

Printable dingbats...

A free, instant and ready-made dingbat puzzle to print. Print from a PDF file to your sheet of paper in your printer.
All our dingbat puzzles are a well known phrase or word. This puzzle sheet is a lot harder than our other dingbat puzzles.

Download and print...

image of a printer Our puzzle features 20 well known phrases in a PDF. Just print out onto that A4 sheet of paper.

Print our hard dingbat puzzle sheet: HARD DINGBATS QUIZ PDF

Above questions on one A4 page, with answers on a separate A4 sheet.
IMPORTANT: Print out both questions and answers using the LANDSCAPE page settings in your printer controls. Some printers do this automatically.

Dingbats Examples

These examples give an idea about how dingbats work. What's the well-known phrase or word in the puzzles below? (Scroll furtherdown for the answer)

Example 1
dingbats example

Example 2
hard dingbats example

The answers: (1) A play on words, and (2) a rise in temperature.