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Hawaii Trivia

Questions: Test your knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands

  1. Which Hawaiian word is commonly used as a greeting?
  2. What is the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago?
  3. What is the traditional Hawaiian dance often performed at celebrations and ceremonies?
  4. Who was famously killed on February 14, 1779, at Kealakekua Bay?
  5. Which Hollywood movie starring Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift, is about soldiers stationed on Hawaii in the months leading up to Pearl Harbor?
  6. Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii in which year?
  7. Can you name the capital and most populous city?

  8. Pearl Harbor is a natural harbour located on which island?
  9. What is the highest point in Hawaii?
  10. Which Academy Award winning actress was born on 20 June 1967 in the capital of Hawaii?
  11. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States at the end of which decade?
  12. What name is given to the garland of flowers given as a token of welcome or farewell?
  13. In the American police drama Hawaii Five-O each episode would ened with which McGarrett catchphrase?
  14. Hawaii is how many miles from mainland U.S.A.: (a) 1,200 miles, (b) 1,800 miles, or (c) 2,400 miles?
  15. Which musical instrument popularized in Hawaii gets its name from the Hawaiian language, roughly translating as "jumping flea"?
  16. Can you name the most populated and third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands?
  17. Singer-songwriter Peter Gene Hernandez was born on the islands in 1985, by what name is he better known?
  18. Which well known website's domain name partly comes from the word meaning quick in Hawaiian?
  19. Which nuts are also known as Hawaii nuts?
  20. What name were the islands previously known by before the 1840 constitution renamed the islands the Hawaiian Islands?
  21. The Hawaii flag consists of eight stripes of which three colours?


  1. Aloha
  2. Hawaii also known as "The Big Island"
  3. Hula
  4. Captain James Cook
  5. From Here To Eternity
  6. 1961
  7. Honolulul (Honolulu is Hawaiian for "sheltered harbor")
  8. Oahu
  9. Mauna Kea
  10. Nicole Kidman (while her Australian parents were temporarily living in the state)
  11. 1950s (on August 21, 1959)
  12. Lei
  13. Book 'em, Danno!
  14. (c) 2,400 miles
  15. Ukulele
  16. Oahu
  17. Bruno Mars
  18. Wikipedia (wiki (Hawaiian for "quick") and encyclopedia)
  19. Macadamia nut
  20. Sandwich Islands
  21. White, red and blue (each stripe represents a major island)