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  1. Photographs of what were supposedly taken in 1917 by young cousins Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths who lived in Cottingley, England?
  2. In 1912, Charles Dawson claimed that he had discovered the "missing link" between ape and man in gravel beds in which East Sussex village?
  3. Medieval followers of which pseudo-science went in pursuit of changing lead to gold?
  4. In 1983, what name was given to the series of sixty volumes of journals that were later exposed as sophisticated forgeries?
  5. Which novel dramatised in a 1938 radio programme directed by and starring Orson Welles became known as one of the greatest hoaxes in history?

  6. A hoax claim made by a spoof Twitter account in October 2020 was about which stores reopening? This claim was then repeated by media sites including some national newspapers.
  7. The British band Crass was behind the "Thatchergate" hoax which appeared to be a shocking telephone conversation between Margaret Thatcher and which other leader?
  8. An infamous hoax by the BBC on April Fool's Day 1957 claimed that what was grown on trees?
  9. Operation Mincemeat was one of the greatest miltary hoaxes which saw the British convince Germany that the Allies planned to attack Greece instead of where?
  10. Robert Wilson's 1934 photo of a toy submarine with a plastic head stuck on it is the most famous photo of what?
  11. A 1993 hoax involved film footage that appeared to show a 1947 autopsy being conducted upon an alien relating to which UFO incident?
  12. The John Darwin disappearance case involved the faked death of the British prison officer John Darwin in what sort of accident?
  13. In 2006, a French-speaking broadcaster showed a fictional news report that which country's Flemish Region had announced independence?
  14. Swedish journalist Ake Axelsson hoaxed the art world in 1964 by presenting some paintings as abstract art by a fictional French artist named Pierre Brassau. Pierre Brassau was actually what?
  15. The Patterson–Gimlin film is a motion picture of an unidentified subject shot in 1967 in Northern California. What did the filmmakers say it was?
  16. In a hoax audio recording and several letters, who did John Samuel Humble pretend to be during the period between 1978 and 1979?
  17. There's recent evidence that suggests that the tale of which Skye terrier was a Scottish Victorian hoax?


  1. Fairies (Cottingley Fairies)
  2. Piltdown (the Piltdown Man hoax)
  3. Alchemy
  4. Hitler Diaries
  5. The War of the Worlds
  6. Woolworths stores
  7. Ronald Reagan
  8. Spaghetti
  9. Sicily
  10. The Loch Ness Monster
  11. Roswell
  12. Canoeing accident
  13. Belgium's
  14. A chimpanzee (four paintings were exhibited in a Gothenburg gallery with most critics praising the work)
  15. Bigfoot, or sasquatch
  16. Yorkshire Ripper (the hoaxer became known as Wearside Jack)
  17. Greyfriars Bobby