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Holiday Trivia

Trivia Questions

  1. Which country is the most visited in the world by tourists?
  2. How many bank holidays are there in England and Wales in 2022?
  3. On what date is Bastille Day?
  4. The holiday resort of Marmaris is in which country?
  5. What name is given to the festival that celebrates the Jewish New Year?

  6. On which island did the inbetweeners go on holiday?
  7. In which county would you be holidaying if you visited Newgale, Saundersfoot and Solva?
  8. Which American company is famously known for the manufacture of motorhomes?
  9. Bourton-on-the-Water is a village in which Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
  10. Which day is a popular North American tradition observed in the United States and Canada on February 2nd?
  11. Which town and traditional tourist resort's motto is Gem of the Norfolk Coast?
  12. Which country's official national day is the day after Burns' Night?
  13. Which British city did Shirley Valentine leave for her Greek holiday?
  14. Which British company for holidaymakers aged 50 and over was founded by Sidney De Haan in 1951?
  15. The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination in which country?
  16. In the UK, car-carrying ferries are sometimes referred to as RORO - what does this stand for?
  17. Which European city would you be visiting if walking across Charles Bridge?
  18. Which island group includes Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca?
  19. Which city in Florida is one of the most visited destination in the United States?
  20. On it's website, what describes itself as the artisan of travel since 1883?


  1. France
  2. Nine (instead of the usual eight)
  3. 14 July
  4. Turkey
  5. Rosh Hashanah
  6. Crete (from Film 4's Inbetweeners Movie)
  7. Pembrokeshire
  8. Winnebago
  9. Cotswolds
  10. Groundhog Day
  11. Cromer
  12. Australia Day {26 January)
  13. Liverpool
  14. Saga
  15. Italy

  16. Roll-on, roll-off
  17. Prague
  18. The Balearic Islands
  19. Orlando
  20. Orient Express