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Home Alone

Test your knowledge of the film Home Alone

  1. In which year was Home Alone first released in American cinemas?
  2. How old is Kevin McAllister?
  3. In which city do the McCallister family live?

  4. Marv gets hit in the face by what, when he tries to turn on the light?
  5. What's the name of Kevin's obnoxious brother?
  6. To which country is the McCallister family planning a vacation?
  7. Who directed the film?
  8. The idea for Home Alone occurred to writer and producer John Hughes during the making of which film, also starring Macaulay Culkin?
  9. What is the full title of Home Alone 2?
  10. What did Kevin heat up with a charcoal starter?
  11. What was constructed specifically for the movie and demolished once filming ended?
  12. Finish the Home Alone quote: "Keep the change, ya..."?
  13. Actress Catherine O'Hara who played Kevin's mum also starred in which sitcom aired on CBC Television from 2015 to 2020?
  14. The character played by Joe Pesci is named after which Orson Welles’s character?
  15. At one point, Kevin placed what on Marv’s face which made him scream?
  16. Played by John Candy, Gus Polinski is what king of the Midwest?
  17. In Home Alone 2 who does Kevin ask for directions in the Plaza Hotel?
  18. What gold item did Kevin's dad find on the floor at the end of the film?
  19. In the film Home Alone 2, the McCallister family are preparing to spend Christmas in which American city?
  20. What item does Kevin run out of the convenience store with?
  21. To make the house look full of people, Kevin used a cardboard cutout of which sporting great?
  22. Who knocks over a garden statue with his car?


  1. 1990
  2. 8
  3. Chicago
  4. An iron
  5. Buzz
  6. France (Paris)
  7. Chris Columbus
  8. Uncle Buck
  9. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
  10. The doorknob
  11. The treehouse
  12. Filthy Animal
  13. Schitt's Creek (as the character Moira)
  14. Harry Lime (in Carol Reed’s The Third Man)
  15. A tarantula
  16. The Polka King of the Midwest
  17. Donald Trump
  18. A gold tooth (belonging to Harry)
  19. Miami
  20. A toothbrush
  21. Michael Jordan
  22. Pizza delivery guy (from Little Nero's Pizza)