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  1. What sort of 'appeal' means the visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street?
  2. What name is given to a bathroom that has two doors and is usually accessible from two bedrooms?
  3. What colour paint is the most widely used colour in UK households because of its neutral tone?
  4. Gillis Lundgren designed which best selling IKEA bookcase?
  5. In 2015, the company Victoria Plumb changed its main trading name to what?

  6. Writer, designer, and socialist William Morris is best-known for designing what product?
  7. What is a wooden bench seat called with a roof, usually enclosed by lattice panels forming a framework for climbing plants?
  8. What is the literal meaning of the term feng shui?
  9. Chemical industry giant Perstorp AB Holdings developed the first modern what in 1984 called Pergo?
  10. Whose first shop opened in Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, in 1961?
  11. What sort of balcony is very shallow with a safety railing on an upper storey of a building?
  12. Japandi is a design concept that's a blending of the word Japanese and what other word?
  13. Which interior design style shows a worn, lived-in look?
  14. In millimetres, what size copper piping normally supplies a bath?
  15. On the 5th of July 2017, leading British bathroom manufacturer, Ideal Standard, re-introduced which iconic bathroom suite colour?
  16. What name is given to an interior wall whose design differs from that of the other walls in the room?
  17. Azaleas are flowering shrubs in which genus?
  18. Which Australian reality TV series follows couples as they compete against each other to style houses or apartments and sell them at auction for the highest price?
  19. What name, originally a trade name, is used to describe wallpaper with an embossed surface pattern?
  20. Only three types of yarn are used to produce artificial grass, polyethylene and polypropylene are two, what is the other?
  21. In the UK, what word was used to refer to any couch in the 1900s and now describes a deep buttoned sofa, usually leather, with arms and back of the same height?
  22. What object was designed by Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro and first produced by the Italian company Zanotta in 1969?
  23. What is the better known name for the coloured varieties of the Amur carp that are often kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds?
  24. What type of design captures raw materials such as copper piping, wood, metal, and concrete?
  25. What word describes something custom made for the person who's ordered it?


  1. Curb Appeal
  2. A Jack and Jill bathroom
  3. Magnolia
  4. Billy bookcase
  5. Victoria Plum (it dropped the letter 'b')
  6. Wallpaper
  7. Arbor
  8. Wind-water
  9. Laminate flooring
  10. Laura Ashley

  11. Juliet balcony
  12. Scandinavia
  13. Shabby chic
  14. 22mm
  15. Avocado
  16. Feature wall or accent wall
  17. Rhododendron
  18. The Block
  19. Anaglypta
  20. Nylon
  21. Chesterfield
  22. Beanbag
  23. Koi
  24. Industrial design
  25. Bespoke