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Hot July

Questions About the Hottest Month of the Year

  1. The 1834 poem The Garden Year by Sara Coleridge includes the line: "Hot July brings cooling showers, Apricots and gillyflowers." Gillyflower is an alternative name for which well-known flower?
  2. What term can mean a technique of mural painting or outdoor dining?
  3. Sunny weather can give us a big boost of which vitamin?
  4. Which American-Italian brand of luxury sunglasses created in 1936 is known for its Aviator and Wayfarer lines?
  5. EU legislation specifies that cattle should not be transported at temperatures higher than what in degree Celsius?

  6. Only mad dogs and who else go out in the midday sun?
  7. How many deckchairs were rented out in 2003 in Blackpool at £1.50 a day: (a) 8,000, (b) 18,000, or (c) 68,000?
  8. Name the most prestigious regatta in the world? It took place in 2023 over six days, ending on 2 July?
  9. What days describe the hot, sultry days of summer when the Sun is in the same part of the sky as the bright star, Sirius?
  10. Its' called an ice lolly in the United Kingdom, what's it called in the United States?
  11. A bottle of sun cream will usually have the letters "SPF" on it. What does "SPF" stand for?
  12. Named after an atoll, which clothes item is commonly dated to July 5, 1946, when modeled by Micheline Bernardini?
  13. Which sweet, rum-based cocktai is celebrated with a national day on July 10th?
  14. What is miliaria more commonly known as?
  15. What two word treat is Cockney slang for sun?
  16. Which song was sung live by Bananarama on the Top of the Pops in July 1983?


  1. A carnation
  2. Al freso
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Ray-Ban
  5. 30 degrees C
  6. Englishmen
  7. (c) 68,000
  8. Henley Royal Regatta
  9. The dog days
  10. Popsicle
  11. Sun Protection Factor
  12. The bikini
  13. Pina Colada (National Pina Colada Day)
  14. Heat rash, prickly heat, or sweat rash
  15. Currant bun
  16. Cruel Summer