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Hungary Quiz


  1. What is the currency of Hungary? Tip: It is not the Euro.
  2. What is the proper name of Hungary's language? This name can also be used to refer to the Hungarian people.
  3. True or false? Hungary is a landlocked country.
  4. Budapest was created when three cities merged in 1873. Obuda was one of the cities, can you name the other two?

  5. What is known as Dunaj in Slovakian and Duna in Hungarian?
  6. What is generally regarded as Hungary's national dish?
  7. Previously holding the office from 1998 to 2002, who became prime minister of Hungary in 2010?
  8. Which famous Hungarian was born Erich Weisz on March 24, 1874?
  9. Which Hungarian-American politician and newspaper publisher played an important role in getting the Statue of Liberty erected in New York City?
  10. In which year was the Hungarian Revolution to resist being a part of the communist bloc?
  11. What is the population of Hungary: (a) 9.7 million, (b) 19.7 million, or (c) 29.7 million?
  12. What spice is Hungary known for? It is integral to many famous Hungarian dishes.
  13. Tokaj is a historical town most famous for it's association with which product?
  14. The "H" in the name of Hungary is most likely derived from historical associations with which nomadic people?
  15. Which popular Hungarian composer is famous for his Hungarian Rhapsodies?
  16. What did a Hungarian professor of architecture invent in 1974 which became one of the most recognized icons in popular culture?


  1. The forint
  2. Magyar
  3. True. It is landlocked.
  4. Buda, and Pest
  5. The Danube river
  6. Goulash
  7. Viktor Orban
  8. Harry Houdini
  9. Joseph Pulitzer
  10. 1956
  11. (a) 9.7 million
  12. Paprika
  13. Wine
  14. The Huns
  15. Franz Liszt
  16. Rubik's Cube