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Idaho Trivia

Quiz Questions

  1. Due to its abundance of natural resources what nickname was given to Idaho?
  2. Which expedition following the path of the Clearwater and Snake rivers passed through present-day Idaho in 1805?
  3. Idaho is bordered by which two states to the west?
  4. Can you name the state's capital and largest city?

  5. Can you name the deepest river gorge in North America?
  6. True or false. Idaho is the 14th largest state of the 50 U.S. states?
  7. Which renowned poet and critic was born in Hailey, Idaho, in 1885?
  8. Which Nobel Prize-winning author committed suicide in 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Idaho?
  9. Idaho is the bigest producer of what vegetable in the United States?
  10. Which national monument and preserve is a unique geological area in central Idaho?
  11. Which 1980 American Western film starring Clint Eastwood was filmed in Idaho for two months?
  12. The lonest river in Idaho is also a reptile, what is it's name?


  1. The Gem State
  2. The Lewis and Clark Expedition
  3. Washington and Oregon
  4. Boise
  5. Hells Canyon
  6. TRUE
  7. Ezra Pound
  8. Ernest Hemingway
  9. Potatoes (often referred to as the "Potato State")
  10. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
  11. Bronco Billy
  12. Snake River