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Idioms Fun

Test Your Idioms Knowledge with these Phrases and Expressions

  1. What sort of bodypart is in a two-word term used to express the act of intentionally ignoring someone?
  2. Something extremely rare in occurrence is signified by what sort of colourful planetary object?
  3. What are your burning if you're working late into the night?

  4. If you are no longer in someone's good books, you may well be off what sort of list?
  5. Following a trend is jumping on what sort of vehicle?
  6. By what skin means just barely made it?
  7. A person who is uncontrollable and unpredictable is a loose what?/li>
  8. The idiom for engaging in a period of youthful promiscuity is sowing one's what?
  9. Continued popularity is never certain. Indeed, one day you're the cock of the walk, the next you may well be a what?
  10. What are you sat on if you're undecided?
  11. A farewell appearance or final act can be described as a what sort of vocal performance?
  12. A large sum of money may be described as what sort of royal payment?
  13. In terms of distance, everything, all the way, is the whole what?
  14. A frustrating undertaking that accomplishes little is a wild what?
  15. To deliver beyond expectations is to step up to the what?
  16. A minor drawback or imperfection is a fly in the what?
  17. 'A place to sit' and 'a vegetable' is what idiom for a lazy person?
  18. What do you bite to endure an unpleasant situation that is unavoidable?
  19. Something outstandingly good may be summed up by an insect's bodyparts?
  20. To return to a hard task is getting back to the what?


  1. Shoulder (Cold shoulder... to give someone the cold shoulder)
  2. Blue moon (once in a blue moon)
  3. You're burning the midnight oil
  4. Their Christmas card list
  5. Jumping on the bandwagon
  6. The skin of your teeth
  7. Loose cannon
  8. Sowing one's seeds
  9. A feather duster
  10. Fence
  11. Swan song
  12. King's ransom
  13. The whole nine yards
  14. A wild goose chase
  15. Step up to the plate
  16. A fly in the ointment
  17. Couch potato
  18. Bite the bullet
  19. Bee's knees
  20. Back to tyhe grindstone