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Imperial Units


  1. How many furlongs are there in one mile?
  2. How many pints are there in a gallon?
  3. How many ounces are there in a pound?
  4. Which old English unit is equal to one third of an inch and is still the basis for modern UK and North American shoe sizes?

  5. How many yards are equivalent to one mile?
  6. Used to measure the height of horses, a 'hand' is how many inches?
  7. What is longer? A nautical mile or a mile on land?
  8. What in Ancient Rome was defined as 1.5 Roman miles on land and now in the UK is most commonly defined as 3 miles?
  9. Used for measuring the depth water, how many feet are there in a fathom?
  10. An archaic word for "pole", which English unit of area is equal to one quarter of an acre?
  11. Still used in the volume of alcoholic spirits measures, which unit of measurement is equal to a teacup or a quarter of a pint?
  12. Originally both a weight measurement and coin in ancient Greece, which unit has come to mean a small amount of Scotch whisky?
  13. Which old measurement used mostly for agricultural products, is equal 8 dry gallons, or 4 pecks?
  14. Which imperial unit of length is equal to 22 yards? And in which sport is this measurement notably used?


  1. Eight
  2. 8 pints
  3. 16 ounces
  4. Barleycorn
  5. 1,760 yards
  6. 4 inches
  7. A nautical mile (is slightly longer than a mile on land)
  8. A league
  9. 6 feet
  10. Rood
  11. Gill
  12. Dram
  13. Bushel
  14. Chain. Cricket (the distance between the stumps in cricket, in otherwords, the length of a cricket pitch)