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Impossible Quiz Questions I

  1. What was significant about the ship HMS Devastation, which was launched in 1871?
  2. Which country was the first to host the Eurovision Song Contest?
  3. Which scientist jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics with Marie and Pierre Curie in 1903?
  4. Which year saw the last man walk on the moon?

  5. Liechtenstein has no airport, in which European city is their nearest large airport?
  6. Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall is the first volume of whose war memoirs?
  7. Between 1991 and 2016, only artists under what age were eligible for the Turner Prize?
  8. Can you name the two thieves crucified alongside Jesus?
  9. Name the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia?
  10. As defined by the 2013 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, territorial waters extend how many nautical miles from a country's coast?
  11. Which coma scale, a neurological scale which aims to give a reliable and objective way of recording the conscious state, is named after a British city?
  12. Which US state is geographically closest to Africa?
  13. Which company was founded by Roy Raymond, and his wife Gaye, in San Francisco, California, in 1977?
  14. Name the last British Overseas Territory in the South Pacific?
  15. Whose motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique?
  16. The July 9 Avenue, the widest avenue in the world, is located in which city?
  17. The Rolling Stones got their name from the title of a blues song recorded by which group?
  18. What does the author of the The Good Soldier, a bear that first appeared in a segment of The Huckleberry Hound Show in 1958, and the capital of American Samoa all have in common?
  19. Gerald R. Ford International Airport serves the second-largest city in Michigan, USA; name the city?
  20. Which island is home to the only working railway in the Channel Islands?


  1. First ocean-going battleship not to have sails
  2. Switzerland
  3. Henri Becquerel
  4. 1972
  5. Zurich
  6. Spike Milligan's
  7. 50
  8. Dismas and Gestas
  9. Aconcagua (in Argentina)
  10. 12 nautical miles
  11. Glasgow coma scale
  12. Maine
  13. Victoria's Secret
  14. The Pitcairn Islands
  15. Harrods (the motto transaltes to: "all things for all people, everywhere")
  16. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  17. Muddy Waters
  18. Names repeated twice (Ford Madox Ford, Boo-Boo Bear and Pago Pago (capital))
  19. Grand Rapids
  20. Alderney

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