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Indonesia Quiz


  1. Name Indonesia's capital city?
  2. Indonesia shares the second largest island in the world with which other country?
  3. Indonesia shares a border with which country on Borneo island?
  4. If China is the world's most populated country and India is second, where does Indonesia come on this list?
  5. Indonesia declared its independence in 1945 from which European country?

  6. Which mammal, the largest tree living mammal in the world, is now only native to two islands of Indonesia?
  7. The Indonesian flag contains which two colours?
  8. The Panthera tigris sondaica is a tiger population found on which Indonesian island?
  9. Indonesia is earth’s largest archipelago, it consists of how many islands: (a) 1,754 islands, (b) 7,504 islands, or (c) 17,504 islands?
  10. Which island is particularly notable as the habitat of the largest lizard on Earth?
  11. Which Indonesian island is the world's most populous island, being home to half the country's population?
  12. Which former Portuguese territory was incorporated into Indonesia in 1976 but declared its independence in 2002?
  13. Name the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago?
  14. Indonesia has roughly 130 active volcanoes on the circum-Pacific belt, by what name is this belt better known?
  15. Since 1992, Indonesia has won a total of 8 gold medals at the Summer Olympics; all in which sport?
  16. Between Sumatra and Java lies which famous volcanic island?
  17. Indonesia is the world's largest producer of which product, a staple agricultural commodity found in half of all packaged supermarket products?
  18. Indonesia is the main producer of nutmeg and which other product from the nutmeg seed?
  19. The Rafflessia Arnoldia is the world's largest what?
  20. The island of Borneo is shared between Malaysia and Indonesia and which small sovereign state?
  21. The Maluku Islands are a region which was historically known as what?
  22. Can you name the oceanic trench and deepest point in the Indian Ocean, which was formerly called the Java Trench and gets its name from a group of Indonesian islands?
  23. According to a 2010 census, 87 percent of Indonesians declared themselves to be of which religion?
  24. Name the largest island that is fully within Indonesian territory? It is the sixth-largest island in the world.
  25. Fossilised remains of Homo erectus, which inhabited the archipelgo up to two million years ago, is commonly known by what name?


  1. Jakarta
  2. Papua New Guinea (New Guinea is the island)
  3. Malaysia
  4. Fourth (with 275 million people, it comes after the USA)
  5. Netherlands (Indonesia was formerly known as the Dutch East Indies)
  6. Orangutangs (now only found in the wild in Borneo and Sumatra)
  7. Red and white (two horizintal stripes, red on top, white bottom - it's the reverse of Poland’s flag)
  8. Sumatra (the sumatran tiger)
  9. (c) 17,504
  10. Komodo (the largest lizard on earth is the Komodo dragon)
  11. Java
  12. East Timor
  13. Bali
  14. The Pacific Ring of Fire, or Ring of Fire
  15. Badminton
  16. Krakatoa
  17. Palm oil
  18. Mace
  19. Flower
  20. Brunei
  21. The Spice Islands
  22. Sunda Trench (after the Sunda Islands)
  23. Muslim
  24. Sumatra
  25. Java Man