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Insurance Quiz


  1. Which famous bell is located in the main Underwriting Room of Lloyd's of London?
  2. What insurance is the bare minimum you need to drive legally on UK public roads?
  3. What term describes an event such as a natural disaster that is not the fault of any individual?
  4. What is different from insurance, in that it is is cover for an event that is certain to happen, such as death?

  5. What two word term is used for an insurance agent who assesses the amount of compensation that should be paid to a claimant?
  6. Which company's advertising has featured a nodding, talking dog mascot?
  7. Which policy is associated with a with-profits fund and pays a sum of money either after an agreed period or in the event of death, whichever occurs first?
  8. Which 1906 event caused substantial losses for Lloyd's underwriters?
  9. What type of insurance policy was sold in Britain for the first time in 1947? As of 2009, Britain had the second-highest level of this insurance, behind only Sweden.
  10. Which Hollywood actress, the highest-paid celebrity between 1943 and 1951, had her legs insured for one million dollars?
  11. In April 2021, Admiral sold which price comparison firm known by its Internet domain name?
  12. Which three word term means the amount of time a customer has to cancel a policy without penalty?
  13. Property insurance can be traced to which 17th century event?
  14. A UK National Insurance number is how many digits long?
  15. CGNU plc was created when the insurer CGU merged with Norwich Union. In April 2002, this company's name was changed to what?
  16. What word describes an organisation or person who owes money but cannot pay it?
  17. Which global insurance company is Switzerland's largest insurer?
  18. What three word term is the general name given to rights such as copyrights and patents?
  19. Which insurance company based in Bromley, England is associated with a red telephone on wheels mascot?
  20. In 1971, a whiskey manufacturer asked Lloyd’s of London to underwrite a competition award of one million pounds if someone found what?


  1. Lutine Bell
  2. Third party
  3. Act of God
  4. Assurance
  5. Loss adjuster
  6. Churchill
  7. Endowment policy
  8. San Francisco earthquake
  9. Pet insurance
  10. Betty Grable
  12. Cooling off period
  13. Great Fire of London (1666)
  14. 9 digits long (starts with two letters, followed by six numbers and one letter)
  15. Aviva
  16. Insolvent
  17. Zurich
  18. Intellectual property rights
  19. Direct Line
  20. Loch Ness Monster