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Quiz I

  1. Name the only animal to appear in the title of a Shakespeare play?
  2. It is estimated that the population of the world reached one billion for the first time in which year: (a) 1704, (b) 1804, or (c) 1904?
  3. Name five sporting events that use nets but no balls?
  4. Can you name the last British prime minister whilst in office to wear a moustache?
  5. Author Leo Tolstoy wrote that Napoleon liked to pull people he liked by what part of their body?
  6. Which semiautonomous state is more than fifty times larger than the country it is part of?
  7. In 2004, which symbol became the first new character to be added to Morse code in several decades?
  8. It is convened to handle matters of national emergency but what does the acronym COBR stand for?
  9. The first episode of which well known TV series was shown the day after the assassination of President Kennedy?
  10. How does A, B, C, D, E equal 10?
  11. The first four numbers that stay the same when written upside down are 0, 1, 8, and 11 - what's the next one?
  12. In an episode called The Deadly Attachment, what is Pike standing on whilst having his name put in the U-boat captain's book?
  13. U2's Paul David Hewson is known by his stage name Bono, he took the name from a shop front's signage, what was the shop selling?
  14. On Desert Island Discs, George Clooney chose which novel ‘as there may not be toilet paper, and that’s a huge book’?
  15. In the Simpson's episode They Saved Lisa's Brain, who saves Lisa from the power-hungry chapter of Mensa?
  16. What link a Warren Beatty film; Dom Perignon; and the Hindi word for "to press, massage"?


  1. Shrew (as in Taming of the Shrew)
  2. (b) 1804
  3. Badminton, fishing, ice hockey, discuss, shot put
  4. Harold Macmillan
  5. By the ear
  6. Greenland
  7. 'At' sign or '@'
  8. Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms
  9. Dr Who
  10. Scrabble
  11. 69
  12. On a step ladder (in Dad's Army)
  13. Hearing Aids (the shop was called Bonavox)
  14. War and Peace
  15. Stephen Hawking
  16. Shampoo

Questions II

  1. Whose ashes rest under the London Palladium's stage, with a blue plaque of commemoration on a nearby wall?
  2. Harry Houdinihi died in which decade?
  3. True or false, Chernobyl is in Russia?
  4. Which product did Heinz discontinue in 1990 in the UK but re-introduced in 2005?
  5. What did George Bernard Shaw say the English people had invented ‘to give them some idea of eternity’?
  6. In 1973, what did Ridley Scott direct on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, featuring the music of Antonín Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 rearranged for brass?
  7. Why are manhole covers round?
  8. What on your mobile phone is technically called an octothorpe?
  9. What did Basil attack his car with in an episode of BBC Comedy's Fawlty Towers called 'Gourmet Night'?
  10. Which symbol has been widely used in New Orleans as a symbol of grassroots support for the city's recovery after Hurricane Katrina, and is the main element in the logo of most scouting organizations
  11. In the early 1980s snooker player Bill Werbeniuk was famously reported in the UK tabloid press as claiming the cost of six what before every match as a tax deductible expense?
  12. Can you name the first musician to score a posthumous UK Number 1 single?
  13. It killed someone famous on Valentine's Day 1779, but what sort of object was sold for £135,000 in an Edinburgh auction in 2003?
  14. Who in 1984 linked a UK TV audience of 24 million with the start of World War One and the former centre of the world's lace industry?
  15. They both achieved the same amazing achievement, were knighted with the same sword by a Queen Elizabeth and both share which same first name?
  16. Australian author Peter Carey's novel was said to be inspired by Sidney Nolan's paintings, the Jerilderie Letter and his admiration for James Joyce; can you add the last two words to complete the title of the 2001 Booker Prize winning novel: "True History of the ......."?


  1. Sir Bruce Forsyth's (in 2018)
  2. 1920s (1926)
  3. False. It's in Ukraine.
  4. Alphabetti spaghetti
  5. Cricket
  6. The Hovis Advert (Ridley Scott went on to direct the film Alien)
  7. A round manhole cover can't fall through its circular opening
  8. Hashtag symbol
  9. A tree branch (for a harder question, the car was a 1967 Austin 1100 Countryman (estate))
  10. Fleur de lys
  11. 6 pints of lager
  12. Buddy Holly (with 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' in April 1959)
  13. A spear or walking stick (it was used by Hawaiian islanders to murder Captain Cook - it was a spear that was later turned into a walking stick)
  14. Torvill and Dean - who won Olympic Gold in Sarajevo (it was one of the highest watched TV events of all time in UK, WWI started with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo and they're from Nottingham (former lace capital) born and bred)
  15. Francis (Sir Francis Drake and Sir Francis Chichester - both sailed around the world, one knighted by Elizabeth I, the other by Elizabeth II using the same sword)
  16. Kelly Gang ('True History of the Kelly Gang')