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Islands of the United Kingdom

Quiz: British geography quiz

  1. Which 618-acre island lies off the southwest coast of the Isle of Man?
  2. Can you name the largest island in Wales?
  3. Which island in the Outer Hebrides is the largest in Scotland?
  4. Can you name the famous sea cave on the island of Staffa?

  5. Which town in the centre of the Isle of Wight is the second largest settlement on the island?
  6. Which island of the Channel Islands has a population of about 500 and no cars?
  7. Which flat island contains the majority of the city of Portsmouth?
  8. Caldey Island lies off the coast of which popular Welsh seaside resort?
  9. Which uninhabitable granite islet once described as "there can be no place more desolate, despairing and awful" gives its name to a shipping forecast area?
  10. St Mary's, Tresco and St Agnes are part of which island group?
  11. Tobermory is the capital of which island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides?
  12. Inchmurrin, the largest inland island in the UK, is in which body of water?
  13. Is the Isle of Man closer to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales?
  14. Can you name the largest island of the Orkneys?
  15. Which island with a mixture of Highland and Island scenery is often described as "Scotland in Miniature"?
  16. Which granite outcrop, three miles long and half a mile wide, lies 10 miles off the coast of North Devon?
  17. The Isle of Sheppey is an island off the northern coast off which English county?
  18. Which island in Orkney is known for its 137 metres tall sea stack?
  19. Which island is known as the birthplace of Celtic Christianity in Scotland?
  20. Which island is also known as Holy Island?
  21. Which island in Poole Harbour was the location of a camp in 1907 that led to the formation of the Scout movement?
  22. Sometimes known as the Misty Isle, name the largest and northernmost of the major islands in the Inner Hebrides?
  23. Name the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom also known for its traditional style of knitting?
  24. Steep Holm is an English island lying in which body of water?


  1. Calf of Man
  2. The island of Anglesey
  3. Lewis and Harris
  4. Fingal's Cave
  5. Newport
  6. Sark
  7. Portsea Island
  8. Tenby
  9. Rockall
  10. The Isles of Scilly
  11. Isle of Mull
  12. Loch Lomond
  13. It's closer to Scotland
  14. Mainland
  15. Arran
  16. Lundy Island
  17. Kent
  18. Hoy
  19. Iona
  20. Lindisfarne
  21. Brownsea Island
  22. Isle of Skye, or Skye
  23. Fair Isle, or Fairisle
  24. The Bristol Channel