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Islands Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. Which island is the largest in Canada and the fifth-largest island in the world?
  2. Which famous island resort is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the south side of the Gulf of Naples?
  3. Which strait seperates India and the island nation of Sri Lanka?
  4. Which is the most populated island in the world?
  5. The Tsugaru Strait separates which two islands?
  6. Which is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea?

  7. Which island is sometimes called "Friendly Islands"?
  8. Torshavn is the capital and largest city of which island?
  9. What's the name of the sea strait that separates West and East Falkland?
  10. Luzon is the largest and most populous island belonging to which country?
  11. Can you name the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
  12. Tresco, which means "island of elder-trees", is the second-biggest island on which archipelago?
  13. The Galapagos Islands are part of which country?
  14. What name or term is given to a ring-shaped coral reef island which surrounds a lagoon?
  15. Surtsey is an island located off the southern coast of which country?
  16. In which self-governing island country in the South Pacific Ocean are its natives also citizens of New Zealand?
  17. What is the alternative name for Holy Island, a tidal island off the northeast coast of England?
  18. What is the third largest island in Greece, after Crete and Euboea?
  19. The Persian Gulf is home to which Arab state island?
  20. Name any two of the four largest islands that form the main eight islands of the Canary Islands?
  21. Saint Helena, a remote volcanic tropical island belonging to the United Kingdom, lies 2,500 miles east of which large seaside city?
  22. What was the Pacific island called "Mas a Tierra", now part of Chile, renamed in 1966?
  23. Which of the Channel Islands is both closest to France and to the UK? Natives are traditionally nicknamed 'vaques' after the cows, or else 'lapins' after the many rabbits seen on the island.
  24. Easter Island is an island and special territory of which country?
  25. Which island in New York Harbor was (from 1892 to 1924) the United States' busiest immigrant inspection station?
  26. Which group of four volcanic islands form the only British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean?
  27. Majorca is the largest island in which group of islands?
  28. What is the name of the small 618-acre island off the southwest coast of the Isle of Man?
  29. The main island of both Shetland and Orkney share the same name - what is it?
  30. Both the Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands are located in which bay?


  1. Baffin Island
  2. Capri
  3. Palk Straight
  4. Java
  5. Hokkaido and Honshu
  6. Cuba
  7. Tonga
  8. Faroe Islands
  9. Falkland Sound
  10. Philippines
  11. Sardinia (the first-largest is Sicily)
  12. Isles of Scilly (St Mary's is their largest island)
  13. Ecuador
  14. Atoll
  15. Iceland (it was formed when a volcanic eruption began below sea level and reached the surface in 1963)
  16. Cook Islands
  17. Lindisfarne
  18. Lesbos
  19. Bahrain
  20. Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, and/or Lanzarote

  21. Rio de Janeiro
  22. Robinson Crusoe Island
  23. Alderney
  24. Chile
  25. Ellis Island
  26. Pitcairn Islands
  27. Balearic Islands
  28. Calf of Man
  29. Mainland
  30. Bay of Bengal