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Isle of Man Quiz

Quiz Questions

  1. Can you name the capital of the Island?
  2. The island's symbol is a triskelion of three joined what?
  3. Name the Manx professional racing cyclist who is one of of the greatest road sprinters of all time?
  4. What is the name of the Isle of Man's parliament?

  5. What is the name of the Island's only airport?
  6. There's a blue plaque at Maitland Terrace in the village of Union Mills commemorating whose childhood home?
  7. Which coastal town in the north is the island's second largest?
  8. Believed to have originated on the Isle of Man, what makes the Manx cat different?
  9. What does 'TT' stand for in the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race?
  10. What is the highest point on the Isle of Man?
  11. What do the initials MHK after some local politicians' names stand for?
  12. Which much-loved entertainer died on 4 October 2010 and is buried at Kirk Bride Churchyard?


  1. Douglas
  2. Three legs
  3. Mark Cavendish
  4. Tynwald
  5. Ronaldsway
  6. The Bee Gees
  7. Ramsey
  8. No tail
  9. Tourist Trophy
  10. Snaefell
  11. Members of the House of Keys
  12. Norman Wisdom