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Platinum Jubilee Quiz

The Queen marks 70 years on the British throne which will be celebrated in June, 2022.


20 Quiz Questions

  1. How old was Elizabeth when she was crowned Queen on June 2, 1953?
  2. The coronation of Elizabeth II took place in which building?
  3. At the exact moment of her father's death in which country was the then Princess Elizabeth staying?
  4. Which Jubilee did Elizabeth II celebrate on 6 February 2017?

  5. How old was the Queen's father King George VI when he passed away: 56, 66, or 76?
  6. What was the name of the royal yacht that was in service from 1954 until 1997?
  7. Up to and including Boris Johnson, how many UK Prime Ministers have served the Queen?
  8. What relation to the Queen was Queen Victoria?
  9. What title is given to the highest-ranking official of the Royal Household?
  10. How many grandchildren does the Queen have?
  11. What year was Prince Charles born?
  12. What two word expression was famously used by the Queen to describe 1992?
  13. In which year did the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary?
  14. What is the Queen's zodiac sign?
  15. What is the name given to the money the Queen distributes the day before Good Friday?
  16. In 1986 the Queen became the first British Monarch to visit which country?
  17. What was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973?
  18. The annual ceremonies of Trooping the Colour is held on which large parade ground?
  19. In 2009, Queen Elizabeth II attended which annual ceremony for the first time in which mute swans on the River Thames are caught, ringed, and then released?
  20. Which country has the Queen visited more than any other country?


  1. 25
  2. Westminster Abbey
  3. Kenya
  4. Sapphire Jubilee
  5. 56
  6. Britannia
  7. 14 UK Prime Ministers
  8. Great-great-grandmother
  9. The Lord Chamberlain
  10. Eight grandchildren
  11. 1948
  12. Annus horribilis
  13. 2017
  14. Taurus (born on April 21)
  15. Maundy Money
  16. China
  17. The Sydney Opera House
  18. Horse Guards Parade
  19. Swan Upping
  20. Canada