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Kazakhstan Quiz


  1. The capital of Kazakhstan was renamed Nur-Sultan after its former president in 2019, what was it formerly called?
  2. Is the population of Kazakhstan roughly: (a) 18 million, (b) 38 million, or (c) 58 million?
  3. On 12 April 1961, who became the first human to travel into space after Vostok 1 was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhastan?
  4. The name "Kazakh" comes from the ancient Turkic word qaz, which means to do what?
  5. Which sportsman was born on 25 March 1976 in what's now called Semey, a city in eastern Kazakhstan?
  6. Name the world's largest inland body of water which forms Kazakhstan’s border for 1,450 miles?
  7. Archaeologists believe that humans first domesticated the horse on the region's vast grassland plains. In physical geography what do we call such plains?
  8. What are the two official languages of Kazakhstan?
  9. One of the country's biggest tourist attractions is the former home of writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, it displays notes from his most famous work - can you name this book?
  10. Kazakhstan was the birthplace of which 2006 fictional character? Kazakh officials were unsurprisingly displeased with this.
  11. Kazakhstan borders five countries – Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan are three, can you name the other two?
  12. In 2009 Kazakhstan became the world's leading producer of which important silvery-grey metal?
  13. Ekibastuz in Kazakhstan has the tallest ever what? It is 420 metres tall and was built in 1987.
  14. Kazakhstan declared independence on 16 December 1991, thus becoming the world's largest landlocked country. Which country was previously the largest?


  1. Astana (note: Almaty is Kazakhstan's largest city)
  2. (a) 19 million
  3. Yuri Gagarin
  4. To wander (to be nomadic)
  5. Wladimir Klitschko
  6. Caspian Sea
  7. Stepppes
  8. Kazakh and Russian
  9. Crime and Punishment
  10. Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen's fictional character)
  11. China and Uzbekistan
  12. Uranium
  13. Chimney (it's the tallest ever built!)
  14. Mongolia