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Kenya Quiz

Quiz: About Kenya

  1. Name the capital and largest city of Kenya?
  2. Name the extinct volcano in Kenya which is the second-highest peak in Africa?
  3. Which coastal city is also Kenya's oldest and second-largest city?
  4. Which movement was a nationalist rebellion that took place during the 1950s?

  5. What's the two official languages?
  6. Which well known rift valley runs through Kenya from north to south?
  7. Who became the first president of an independent Kenya in 1964?
  8. The traditional shield of which indigenous ethnic group appears on the Kenyan flag?
  9. Which long mountain range north of Kenya's capital shares it's name with a town in the South Wales' Valleys?
  10. Name the five countries which border Kenya?
  11. Kenya and Tanzania are known for the annual migration of which large land animal as they look for fresh pastures?
  12. Paul Tergat became the first Kenyan athlete to set a world record in which event in 2003?
  13. Kenya has 332 miles of coastline on which ocean?
  14. Which line of latitude passes through the highest mountain in Kenya?


  1. Nairobi (which translates to 'place of cool waters')
  2. Mount Kenya
  3. Mombasa
  4. The Mau Mau movement
  5. Swahili and English
  6. The Great Rift Valley
  7. Jomo Kenyatta
  8. Maasai
  9. The Aberdare Range
  10. Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan
  11. Wildebeest, also called gnu
  12. Marathon
  13. Indian Ocean
  14. The equator