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  1. Which American president led the nation through the American Civil War?
  2. What are cirrus, cumulus, nimbus and stratus all types of?
  3. What sort of table is a display of chemical elements?
  4. What is the name of the busiest airport in the United Kingdom?
  5. Which man's name do we associate with bonfire night?
  6. Which Internet company has the same name as the longest river in the world?
  7. Napoleon Bonaparte was a military leader from which country?

  8. Can you name all seven rainbow colours?
  9. In which country did the Olympic Games originate?
  10. What sort of character is Tinker Bell in the play Peter Pan?
  11. In the proverb, a picture is worth how many words?
  12. What is the name of the currency used in Germany, Spain and France? (Note: Curency is the sytem of money)
  13. Many policitians have the letter MP after their names - what do these letters stand for?
  14. The city of Brussels is the capital of which country?
  15. Aborigines are the original native people of which country?
  16. How many players are there in a rugby union team?
  17. What colour are most buses in London?
  18. What is the name of the time machine in the science fiction TV series Doctor Who?
  19. How many dalmatians are there in the Walt Disney film?
  20. Which month is the second in the year?
  21. How many zeros are there in one million?
  22. What is the first name of the famous artist Van Gogh?
  23. Who had friends named Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger?
  24. Can you name the largest ocean in the world?
  25. In most words, which letter normally follows the letter 'Q'?
  26. What part of a plant conducts photosynthesis?
  27. What’s the name of the snowman in Disney’s Frozen?
  28. What name is given to a word that spells the same both backwards and forwards? (For example, 'racecar')
  29. Which three colours are in the Union Jack flag?
  30. What is the biggest state in America?
  31. Complete the famous proverb, "don’t judge a book by its ...."?
  32. The Golden Gate Bridge is in which American city?
  33. Starting with the letter 'e', what is a book or set of books giving information on many subjects?
  34. Is the population of the UK close to 47 million, 57 million, or 67 million?
  35. What colour are bananas before they ripen and turn yellow?
  36. What does the letter 'P' stand for in the abbreviation RSPCA?
  37. Is Africa a country or a continent?
  38. Which country has the largest tiger population?
  39. If the name 'port' is given to describe the lefthand side of a ship facing forward, what name is given to describe the righthand side?
  40. What is the largest planet in our Solar System?

Trivia Answers:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Types of clouds
  3. Periodic Table
  4. Heathrow Airport
  5. Guy Fawkes
  6. Amazon
  7. France
  8. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
  9. Greece
  10. A fairy
  11. A thousand words (A picture is worth a thousand words)
  12. The Euro
  13. Member of Parliament
  14. Belgium
  15. Australia
  16. 15 players
  17. Red
  18. TARDIS
  19. 101
  20. February
  21. Six
  22. Vincent
  23. Harry Potter
  24. The Pacific
  25. The letter 'U' (for example, 'Queen' and 'Quick')
  26. The leaves
  27. Olaf
  28. Palindrome
  29. Red, white and blue
  30. Alaska
  31. Cover (Don't judge a book by its cover)

  32. San Francisco
  33. Encyclopedia
  34. 67 million
  35. Green
  36. Provention (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  37. A continent (a continent of 54 countries)
  38. India
  39. Starboard
  40. Jupiter

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