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Knitting Questions

  1. Stocking stitch is created by alternating rows of knit sticthes with what other stitches?
  2. Mohair is a fabric or yarn made from the hair of which goat?
  3. During the Industrial Revolution which English city became known as the "wool capital of the world"?
  4. What sort of needles are designed to help you add twists into a pattern by crossing a group of stitches over one another?

  5. Which stitch, sometimes called Swiss Darning, is a decorative stitch usually worked over a stockinette stitch?
  6. Which soft wool gets its name from the spelling of the an old State in South Asia?
  7. Which style of jumper, often of an off-white colour with cable patterns on the body, takes its name from islands off the west coast of Ireland?
  8. What knitting term is a family of techniques for adding new stitches that do not depend on earlier stitches?
  9. What does the knitting abbreviation BO mean?
  10. Which Olympic medalist was often seen knitting whilst watching events at the 2021 Olympics?


  1. Purl stitches
  2. Angora goat
  3. Bradford
  4. Cable needles
  5. Duplicate Stitch
  6. Cashmere
  7. Aran jumper
  8. Casting on

  9. Bind off
  10. Tom Daley

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