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Latin Quiz I

Can you translate the following well known Latin phrases?

  1. Bona fide
  2. Caveat venditor

  3. Contra legem
  4. Magnum opus
  5. Domine salvam fac reginam
  6. Habeas corpus
  7. Omnia omnibus
  8. Primus inter pares
  9. Si monumentum requiris circumspic (from the epitaph on Christopher Wren's tomb in St Paul's Cathedral)
  10. Quo vadis
  11. Qui audet adipiscitur (famous motto)
  12. Carpe diem


  1. In good faith
  2. Let the seller beware
  3. Against the law
  4. Great work
  5. God save the queen
  6. You may have the body
  7. All things to all men
  8. First among equals
  9. If you seek (his) monument, look around you
  10. Where are you going?
  11. Who Dares Wins (motto of the SAS)
  12. Sieze the day

Language Quiz II

  1. Which French phrase means a restaurant meal offered at a fixed price, with few if any choices?
  2. What is the national and official language of Bangladesh?

  3. Which German word literally means 'spirit of the time'?
  4. Which French phrase means literally a ‘feat of strength’?
  5. 'Quocunque jeceris stabit' which translates to 'whithersoever you throw it, it will stand', is the motto of which part of the UK?
  6. The English words 'cargo', 'patio', and 'tornado' are derived from which language?
  7. Which German word is used to wish good health especially before drinking?
  8. Which English word comes from the Japanese word meaning 'squad leader'?
  9. From which language do we get the painting terms landscape, easel, and still life?
  10. In France, what is a 'billet-doux'?
  11. What is the word for dog in the following languages: (a)German, (b)French, (c)Italian, d)Welsh, (e)Spanish, and (f)Latin?
  12. Which American English term meaning one who is stupid or foolish, or an obnoxious person, came into the English language from Yiddish?
  13. What do the following words or phrases all found on German signage mean: (a)Rauchen verboten, (b)Kein Zutritt, (c)Ausgang, and (d)Herren?
  14. Name the two African countries with over 20 milion Portuguese speakers?


  1. Table d’hote
  2. Bengali
  3. Zeitgeist
  4. Tour de force
  5. Isle of Man
  6. Spannish
  7. Prosit
  8. Honcho
  9. Dutch
  10. Love letter

  11. (a)Hund, (b)chien, (c)cane, (d)ci, (e)perro, and (f)canis
  12. Schmuck
  13. (a)No smoking, (b)No entry, (c)Exit, and (d)Gentlemen
  14. Mozambique and Angola
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