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Large Numbers Quiz


  1. What name is given to the unit of length that is roughly the distance from Earth to the Sun?
  2. A googol is written as the digit 1 followed by how many noughts?
  3. Can you write the year 2023 in roman numerals?
  4. What constant is the number of entities in a mole of any substance?

  5. Approximately how many miles is the Earth from the sun?
  6. Important to archaeologists, 5730 years is the half-life of which isotope?
  7. 37.2 trillion is the number of what in the human body?
  8. What is the estimated age of the Earth?
  9. A lunar distance is the average distance from the Earth to where?
  10. What unit is equal to 37 billion becquerels?
  11. What name is given to the unit of length approximately equal to 3.26 light-years?
  12. What word means a number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number?


  1. An astronomical unit
  2. One hundred noughts
  4. Avogadro's constant
  5. 93 million miles
  6. Carbon-14
  7. Cells
  8. 4.5 billion years
  9. The moon
  10. One curie
  11. Parsec
  12. Infinity