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Large UK Towns Quiz

  1. Which town is the third-largest population centre in East Anglia after two cathedral cities?
  2. The Queensway tunnel under the River Mersey links which town on the Wirral to Liverpool?
  3. Which town, famous for its castle and zoo, is generally considered to be the centre of the Black Country?

  4. Name the town famous for Beachy Head, tennis, Theresa May, and its large marina?
  5. Which seaside town is the largest settlement on the Isle of Wight?
  6. With a population of nearly 78,000, which town on the south western fringes of Glasgow is said to be Scotland's largest?
  7. Which spa town on the edge of the Cotswolds is sometimes called "the Garden Town of England"?
  8. A town with a name that derives from an Old Welsh word meaning 'weir' or 'crossing', this town is best known as a rail junction?
  9. Which large town on the River Tyne is joined to Newcastle by several bridges including the Millennium Bridge?
  10. Name the largest town in the ceremonial county of Cheshire where the UK's first IKEA store opened in 1987?
  11. Which Welsh Valley's town was once known as the 'Iron Capital of the World' and it's where the world's first ever railway journey took place?
  12. Which new town in Hertfordshire is the headquarters of Tesco plc? (Hint: this town has a three word name.)
  13. The Mars bar was first manufactured in this town just 2-miles north of Windsor?
  14. Which seaside town was granted city status on 26 January 2022?
  15. Can you name the two biggest towns in Surrey by population?


  1. Ipswich
  2. Birkenhead
  3. Dudley
  4. Eastbourne
  5. Ryde
  6. Paisley
  7. Cheltenham, also known as Cheltenham Spa
  8. Crewe
  9. Gateshead
  10. Warrington
  11. Merthyr Tydfil
  12. Welwyn Garden City
  13. Slough
  14. Southend, or Southend-on-Sea
  15. Guildford and Woking