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  1. The Inns of Court in London are the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales - how many Inns of Court are there?
  2. How many years does copyright last for in the UK?
  3. IP refers to ideas you create and legally own as a result of a trademark, copyright or patent - what is it?
  4. What word in law describes a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation?
  5. What's the term for dying without a will?

  6. Being appointed as Queen's Counsel is sometimes referred to as what?
  7. A deemster is a judge in which part of the UK?
  8. Which Latin phrase is a writ that commands a person to be brought before the court?
  9. A decree nisi is a document that says that the court does not see any reason why you cannot do what?
  10. In Scotland, accidental, unexplained, and suspicious deaths are investigated by an official called a what?
  11. Which eight letter word describes someone involved in a lawsuit?
  12. What word means the processes involved in selling, buying, or remortgaging a property to transfer its legal title from one person to another?


  1. Four (Gray's Inn, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Middle Temple)
  2. 70 years
  3. Intellectual property
  4. Libel
  5. Intestate
  6. Taking silk
  7. Isle of Man
  8. Habeas Corpus
  9. Divorce
  10. Procurator fiscal

  11. Litigant
  12. Conveyancing

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