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Welcome to our Quiz About Lead Singers


  1. Who was lead singer of English rock band Led Zeppelin when they formed in 1968?
  2. Who is the lead vocalist of Scottish pop rock band Texas?
  3. Morrissey came to prominence as the frontman of which rock band?
  4. Billy Idol first achieved fame in the 1970s as the lead singer of which group?
  5. Derek William Dick, the lead singer of rock band Marillion from 1981 until 1988, is better known by what nickname?

  6. Can you name the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Stereophonics?
  7. Who is best known for being joint frontman of The Libertines, which he formed with Carl Barat in 1997?
  8. Roland Gift is the former singer and frontman of which pop band?
  9. James Hetfield is best known as the co-founder and lead vocalist of which band?
  10. Gwen Stefani was co-founder, lead vocalist, and the primary songwriter of which band?
  11. English singer and multi-instrumentalist Ian George Brown was the lead singer of which alternative rock band when it was formed in 1984?
  12. Which rock band did Roger Waters co-found in 1965?
  13. Who rose to fame as the original lead singer of Genesis?
  14. Which American rock musician is best known for his energetic stage performances as the lead singer of Van Halen across three stints, from 1974 to 2020?
  15. Name the lead singer of Mud who sang to a ventriloquist's dummy on their performance on Top of the Pops?
  16. John Fogerty founded which band for which he was the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter?
  17. Brian Francis Johnson became the third lead singer of which rock band in 1980?
  18. Brian Connolly was best known as the lead singer of which glam rock band?
  19. Who was the lead singer in Herman's Hermits?
  20. Who did Journey hire as their new lead singer in 1977?


  1. Robert Plant
  2. Sharleen Spiteri
  3. The Smiths
  4. Generation X
  5. Fish
  6. Kelly Jones
  7. Pete Doherty
  8. Fine Young Cannibals
  9. Metallica
  10. No Doubt
  11. Stone Roses
  12. Pink Floyd
  13. Peter Gabriel
  14. David Lee Roth
  15. Les Gray

  16. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  17. AC/DC
  18. The Sweet
  19. Peter Noone
  20. Steve Perry