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Leaders Questions

  1. Who was the leader of the suffragettes?
  2. Which American car brand is named after the native American Odawa leader who fought against the British in the 18th century?
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to which island in the South Atlantic Ocean, where he died in 1821?
  4. Who is the most famous slave leader in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic?
  5. Who led his crew to explore new worlds, new civilizations, and "boldly go where no man has gone before"?

  6. Which American president had a sign on his desk inscribed with 'The buck stops here'?
  7. Alexander the Great was king of which ancient Greek kingdom?
  8. Frederick the Great ruled which kingdom from 1740 until 1786?
  9. Who was the main leader of the Peasants Revolt?
  10. In which year did Sir Winston Churchill first become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
  11. Boudica (or Boudicea) was queen of which British Celtic tribe?
  12. Who became king of the Franks in 768?
  13. In the Old West, who was the leader of a gang known as the "Wild Bunch"?
  14. Peter Noone was lead singer of which successful 1960s pop group?
  15. Saint Joan of Arc, also known as the Maid of Orleans, lived in which century?
  16. Which American gangster was boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City?
  17. Lech Walesa was the leader of which Polish trade union?
  18. What was the first name of the waitress who was the Terminator's target because she would give birth to future resistance leader John Connor?
  19. Ali Khamenei was bestowed what title meaning 'sign of God' after he became Supreme Leader of Iran in 1989?
  20. Who led the Confederacy in the American Civil War?
  21. Which professional footballer captained France in their 2018 World Cup winning final?
  22. Who was the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats that including Spook and Benny the Ball?
  23. The title "doge" was given to the chief magistrate and leader of which republic between 726 and 1797?
  24. The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of where?
  25. Robert Catesby is best known as the leader of what?


  1. Emmeline Pankhurst
  2. Pontiac
  3. St Helena
  4. Spartacus
  5. James T. Kirk (in Star Trek)
  6. Harry S. Truman
  7. Macedonia
  8. Prussia
  9. Wat Tyler
  10. 1940
  11. Iceni
  12. Charlemagne
  13. Butch Cassidy (Robert LeRoy Parker)
  14. Herman's Hermits
  15. 15th-century (1412–1431)
  16. John Gotti
  17. Solidarity
  18. Sarah (Sarah Connor, in the 1984 science fiction film, The Terminator)
  19. Ayatollah
  20. Jefferson Davis

  21. Hugo Lloris
  22. Top Cat
  23. Republic of Venice
  24. Tibet
  25. The Gunpowder Plot