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Test Your Knowledge of LEGO

  1. What does the name Lego mean when translated into English?
  2. A theme park and resort themed around the Lego brand opened on 17 March 1996 in which town in England?
  3. Released in 1999, what is the most popular LEGO theme of all time?

  4. In October, 2021, made up of 9,090 pieces Lego revealed an authentic replica of what?
  5. Which succesful product was first produced in 1978 with over 4 billion produced as of 2020?
  6. Which Lego Architecture set consisting of 1,197 pieces which include the bricks for two small red London buses, was released in 2019 and retired in 2022?
  7. In 2022, Lego announced its tallest set to date with the new 10,001-piece what?
  8. What is the brand name of the range produced by The LEGO Group for children under 5?
  9. According to an article in BusinessWeek in 2006, Lego could be considered the world's number one manufacturer of what?
  10. Originally introduced in 1977 but renamed in 1982, which sets allow you to create more advanced, complex models with interconnecting plastic rods, cogs, and parts?
  11. The Firehouse Headquarters Playset, released in early 2016, is the second official Lego product relating to what?
  12. Which town in Denmark is the home of the Lego Group head office and the first Legoland theme park?
  13. In the 2014 The Lego Movie, who is the voice of Vitruvius, a blind and elderly wizard-like Master Builder?
  14. Around since 1998, but no longer sold after the end of 2022, what sort of kits are Lego Mindstorms?
  15. Which set consists of 9,036 pieces and was released two millennia after the original was built?
  16. Which 47 years old said in 2022: "I still sit there, on my own actually until 2, 3, 4 in the morning doing Lego because actually it relaxes me"?

Lego Trivia Answers

  1. Play well (translated from the Danish words leg and godt)
  2. Windsor, Berkshire (Legoland Windsor Resort)
  3. Star Wars
  4. The Titanic
  5. Lego minifigures
  6. Trafalgar Square
  7. Eiffel Tower (it's 59 inches tall and costs £554.99 (June, 2023))
  8. DUPLO
  9. Tyres
  10. Technic sets
  11. Ghostbusters
  12. Billund
  13. Morgan Freeman
  14. Robotics Kits
  15. Colosseum
  16. David Beckham