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Quiz About Letters

Quiz: trivia about letters

  1. Which letter is the most used in english?
  2. What are the only two letters not on the periodic table?
  3. How many letters are there in the modern English alphabet?
  4. What is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet?
  5. How many letters are there in Channel 4's Countdown conundrum?

  6. Invented in 1524 in Italy, what was the last letter to be added to the English alphabet?
  7. What is the only letter that is not in any U.S. state name?
  8. Does the letter D in D-day stand for "doom", "disaster", or "day"?
  9. Which symbol was regarded as the 27th letter of the English alphabet, until it was removed in the 19th century?
  10. "D" is the international car registration letter for which country?
  11. Worldwide, national capital cities begin with which letter more than any other?
  12. According to Jockey Club rules, horse names can be up to how many characters in length including all letters, spaces and punctuation?
  13. Which four letters denote Jesus Nazareth King of the Jews?
  14. Which very tall living thing is also a seven letter word in English which contains all five vowels?
  15. What is the phonetic alphabet word for the letter 'U'?
  16. What's unusual about Ernest Vincent Wright's 1939 50,000-word novel, Gadsby?
  17. Which word beginning with the letter 'B' is the only word that has 4 double letters in a row?
  18. A Braille cell consists of arrangements of how many dots?
  19. Which two letter word beginning with 'Z' is an acceptable Scrabble word score?
  20. How many letters are there in the Greek alphabet? And name the last letter?
  21. What type of cursive font was first used by Aldus Manutius and his press in Venice in 1500?
  22. Which letter of the alphabet is also the codename for the head of MI6?
  23. Which seven letter word meaning an attractive combination of vitality and glamour, contains fours letter Z's?
  24. In Morse code, one dot was assigned to the letter E, and one dash was assigned to which letter?
  25. The first known use of which well used 3-letter abbreviation was in a letter from John Fisher to Winston Churchill in 1917?
  26. What combination of the words 'little' and 'tiny' makes a word that means the dot over a lowercase i and j?
  27. Only four letters can be doubled at the beginning of a word, for example 'aa' as in aardvark and 'ee' as in eel, can you name the other two letters that can make such pairs?
  28. Which letter is sometimes nicknamed the dog's letter?


  1. E is the most used
  2. J and Q
  3. 26 letters
  4. Eta
  5. Nine letters
  6. Letter "J" - last letter added to alphabet
  7. Letter "Q"
  8. Day
  9. Ampersand or &
  10. Germany (Deutschland)
  11. B
  12. 18 characters
  13. INRI
  14. Sequoia (the tallest trees in the world)
  15. Uniform
  16. It does not contain any words that contain the letter E
  17. Bookkeeppers
  18. Six (three dots high and two across)
  19. Za (which apparently is short for pizza)
  20. 24 letters. Omega is the last letter.
  21. Italics (the name comes from the fact that calligraphy influenced typefaces were first designed in Italy)

  22. C (head of MI6)
  23. Pizzazz
  24. Letter 'T' - one dash
  25. O.M.G.
  26. Tittle - which is the dot above a lowercase 'j' and 'i'
  27. "Oo" (ooze is an example) and "ll" ( an example is llama)
  28. Letter 'R' (the Latin R was thought to sound like a growling dog)