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Trivia Questions

  1. What is the shortened name of the anti corruption police unit in the British TV series Line of Duty?
  2. Which English pop and reggae band with more than 50 singles in the UK Charts was formed in Birmingham in December 1978?
  3. At 231 miles long, which motorway is the UK's longest?
  4. Where in London has the post code SW1A 2AA?
  5. What do the initials WD stand for in the lubricating spray WD-40?
  6. Is Folate vitamin B5, B7, B9, or B12?

  7. Which paper size is 74 mm by 52 mm?
  8. Which home computer produced by Sinclair Research was launched in the United Kingdom in March 1981?
  9. Godwen-Austen is the alternative name of which mountain?
  10. K9 is the name of a fictional robotic dog in which TV series?
  11. The FTSE 100 Index is informally known by what one word nickname?
  12. Which service with the motto Defend the Realm, is colloquially known as Box after its official wartime address of PO Box 500?
  13. Which three alphanumerics represents the name of the controversial and expensive high-speed railway system planned for England?
  14. The first ever US Navy aircraft carrier was designated CV-1 and the USS Nimitz was given the designation CVN-68 - what does the 'N' stand for?
  15. With regard to degrees of pencil hardness, if 5H stands for "5 hard", what does 3B stand for?
  16. Founded by Tim Berners-Lee in October 1994, which does the alpanumeric abbreviation W3C stand for?
  17. Eyjafjallajokull is sometimes referred to as "E15" - what is it? (Hint: it is in Iceland)
  18. What does the "G" stand for as in 5G cellular network technology?
  19. Which well-known UK tourist attraction which opened to the public on 14 May 1894, has the post code FY1 4BJ?
  20. Is the Boeing Superfortress American aircraft also known as the B-10, B-19, B-21, or B-29?
  21. On which ship would you find 'NCC 1701'?
  22. Which motorway is also known as the London Orbital Motorway?
  23. What number followed by a letter is the name of the company best know for Scotch Tape and Post-It notes?


  1. 12 (AC-12)
  2. UB40
  3. M6
  4. Downing Street
  5. Water Displacement
  6. B9
  7. A8
  8. ZX81
  9. K2
  10. Doctor Who
  11. Footsie
  12. MI5
  13. HS2
  14. Nuclear powered
  15. 3 Black
  16. World Wide Web Consortium
  17. A volcano
  18. Generation

  19. Blackpool Tower
  20. B-29
  21. USS Enterprise (the starship in the television sci-fi Star Trek)
  22. M25
  23. 3M