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Welcome to our Life in the UK test

Life in the UK test

We've mixed some 'life in the UK test' questions with some general United Kingdom trivia. These are for fun and not official 'life in the uk test' questions.

  1. On which date is the feast day of the patron saint of Wales, St. David?
  2. During which war was the Victoria Cross first awarded?
  3. How many countries are members of the European Union?
  4. Who was the longest-serving UK Prime Minister of the 20th century?
  5. Which members of French Protestant denomination settled in England before 1720?

  6. What is the official report of the Parliament's Proceedings called?
  7. How many members does a jury have in Scotland?
  8. In which county is the prehistoric landmark of Stonehenge?
  9. When did the civil war begin between the King Charles I and Parliament?
  10. Who was recognised as the leader of the new republic?
  11. Who developed horse-driven spinning mills that used only one machine?
  12. Who was Prime Minister from 1721 to 1742?
  13. Who was the first poet to be buried in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey?
  14. At her jubilee in 2012, how many years as queen did Queen Elizabeth II celebrate?
  15. From what age can you be asked to serve on a jury?
  16. On an election day, what time do polling stations close?
  17. Chequers, the country retreat of the Prime Minister, is in which English county?
  18. What is the minimum age to be able to drink alcohol with a meal?
  19. True or False. In Wales, a newly qualified driver must display an 'R' plate (for restricted driver) for one year after passing the test?
  20. What is the most famous battle of the Hundred Years War?
  21. How many Assembly Members are there in the National Assembly for Wales?
  22. True or false. Members of the House of Lords may stand for election to the House of Commons?
  23. As of March 2016, how much does a colour television licence cost?
  24. As of April 2016, what is the price of a first class stamp?
  25. In which year was the Scottish Parliament formed?
  26. In England and Wales, the small claims procedure is used for claims of less than how much?
  27. The British one pound coin was introduced in which year?
  28. In which Irish county is The Giant's Causeway located?
  29. Seatbelt use in cars became mandatory for front seat occupants in which year?
  30. The population of England roughly makes up what percentage of the UK: (a)75%, (b) 79%, or (c)84%?


  1. 1st March
  2. Crimean
  3. 28
  4. Margaret Thatcher
  5. Huguenots
  6. Hansard
  7. 15
  8. Wiltshire
  9. 1642
  10. Oliver Cromwell
  11. Richard Arkwright
  12. Sir Robert Walpole
  13. Geoffrey Chaucer
  14. 60 years
  15. 18
  16. 10pm
  17. Buckinghamshire
  18. 16
  19. False - it's in Northen Ireland
  20. Agincourt
  21. 60
  22. False
  23. £145.50
  24. 64p
  25. 1999

  26. £5000
  27. 1983
  28. County Antrim
  29. 1983
  30. 84%