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List of Novellas

A novella is a short novel with a word count between 17,000 and 40,000 words. Famous novellas include A Christmas Carol, The Old Man and the Sea, and Animal Farm.

Major Novellas

Year Novella Author
1843     A Christmas Carol     Charles Dickens
1945     Animal Farm     George Orwell
1952     The Old Man and the Sea     Ernest Hemingway
1886     Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde     Robert Louis Stevenson
1937     Of Mice and Men     John Steinbeck
1924     Billy Budd     Herman Melville
1958     Breakfast at Tiffany's     Truman Capote
1982     Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption     Stephen King
1861     Silas Marner     George Eliot
1985     The Tenth Man     Graham Greene
1912     Death in Venice     Thomas Mann
1961     The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie     Muriel Spark
1895     The Time Machine     H. G. Wells
1759     Candide     Voltaire
1899     Heart of Darkness     Joseph Conrad
1903     The Call of the Wild     Jack London
1934     Goodbye, Mr. Chips     James Hilton
1954     I Am Legend     Richard Matheson
1957     Something Special     Iris Murdoch
1968     True Grit     Charles Portis
1997     Brokeback Mountain     Annie Proulx
1915     The Metamorphosis     Franz Kafka
1886     The Death of Ivan Ilyich     Leo Tolstoy
1947     The Pearl     John Steinbeck