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Liverpool Football Quiz Questions

Questions I

  1. Which three words are printed on the famous sign above the stairs leading the football players down to the pitch?
  2. Which team did Liverpool beat to win the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final? And in which country was this final held?
  3. During Euro 96, which soon-to-be Liverpool captain got the label 'Gazza's minder'?
  4. Which club did Ian Rush play for between his two spells at Liverpool?
  5. Who became Liverpool's youngest ever goalscorer in November 2016? And which team did this player score against?
  6. Who scored the winning goal against Man Utd at Old Trafford three times after joining Liverpool in 1997, each a 1-0 win?
  7. Former Liverpool 'Player of the Season' Martin Skrtel left to play for which club?
  8. Which player has scored most penalties for Liverpool?
  9. Which three Liverpool players were in England's 1966 World Cup Squad?
  10. Whose record stood for twenty years until broken by Sadio Mane on 16 May 2015?
  11. Which player has made most consecutive appearances in a Liverpool shirt - 417 (from 23 October 1976 to 24 September 1983)?
  12. Which Liverpool footballing legend joined from Motherwell in 1961?
  13. Which two players made cameo appearances in BBC's eighties drama Boys from the Blackstuff?
  14. Which room at Anfield was famous during the 1960s to the early 1990s as the place Liverpool coaching staff would sit, drink tea and discuss tactics?
  15. Who, out of the following football players, has scored most goals for Liverpool in all competitions: Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, or Michael Owen?
  16. Which company became Liverpool's shirt sleeve sponsors after sleeve sponsors were introduced to the Premier League in 2017?
  17. Nicknamed "Skippy", which former player was a crowd favourite at Anfield, making 271 Liverpool appearances and scoring 40 goals?
  18. On the 11 November 1970, Bill Shankly paid £111,000 for which striker, a club record fee at the time?
  19. Jurgen Klopp spent most of his playing career at which club?
  20. In which city did Liverpool win the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final after coming back from 3-0 down?
  21. Fenway Sports Group, the owners of Liverpool F.C., also own which American sports team?
  22. Liverpool FC’s youngest ever starting line-up was 19 years and 182 days against which club in the League Cup in December 2019?
  23. As of 2021, how many European Cups have Liverpool won?
  24. Which Liverpool park is known for dividing the home grounds of Everton and Liverpool?


  1. 'This is Anfield'
  2. A.C. Milan (score was 3-3, and Liverpool won 3-2 om penalties). Turkey (Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul)
  3. Paul Ince
  4. Juventus
  5. Ben Woodburn (17 years, 45 days). It was against Leeds United.
  6. Danny Murphy
  7. Fenerbahce
  8. Jan Molby (42)
  9. Roger Hunt, Ian Callaghan and Gerry Byrne
  10. Robbie Fowler's (scored the Premier League's second fastest hat-trick ever, in four minutes and 33 seconds)
  11. Phil Neal
  12. Ian St John
  13. Graeme Souness and Sammy Lee
  14. The Boot Room
  15. Stephen Gerrard (he's scored 3 more than Robbie Fowler)
  16. Western Union (they signed a five-year deal worth 25 million)
  17. Craig Johnston
  18. John Toshack
  19. Mainz 05
  20. Istanbul
  21. Boston Red Sox
  22. Aston Villa
  23. Six
  24. Stanley Park

Questions II

  1. Bill Shankly spent nearly all of his playing career at which club?
  2. Which anniversary was the club celebrating in the year 2017?
  3. Liverpool has had three Scottish post-war managers, can you name them?
  4. The Kop is a shortened form for what two word term?
  5. Which team did Liverpool sign Alan Hansen from?
  6. Liverpool paid a then record fee for a defender of £2.5 million in July 1993 - who was he?
  7. Name the three previous clubs that former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers had managed?
  8. Which seventies and eighties Liverpool player was affectionately known as 'supersub'?
  9. Who did Gerrard replace as captain for Liverpool?
  10. Which seventies Liverpool player had the nickname Crazy Horse?
  11. What number shirt did Jamie Carragher make his own for Liverpool?
  12. Which former Liverpool player was Blackpool manager from 2000 to 2004, and played for Manchester City in the Premiership in the early nineties?
  13. The following 2001 quote is about which player: 'He is often referred to as God, but don’t be surprised if he answers to Bernard, which is his other Christian name.'?
  14. Which footballer holds the record for most appearances for Liverpool?
  15. In May 2017, Liverpool announced the Centenary Stand would be renamed to what?
  16. On 7 August 2015, who was announced as Liverpool's vice captain?
  17. Which well known manager captained Liverpool in the 1939 to 1940 season?
  18. Which team did Liverpool beat in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup final?
  19. Who signed for Liverpool in January 2018 for £75 million, a world-record transfer fee at the time for a defender?
  20. Liverpool's title challenge in the 2013/14 season will forever be remembered for being scuppered by Steven Gerrard's slip, which subsequently led to which player scoring?


  1. Preston North End
  2. 125 years
  3. Bill Shankly, Graeme Souness, and Kenny Dalglish
  4. Spion Kop
  5. Partick Thistle
  6. Neil Ruddock
  7. Watford, Reading, and Swansea City
  8. David Fairclough
  9. Sami Hyppia
  10. Emlyn Hughes
  11. Number 23
  12. Steve McMahon
  13. Robbie Fowler
  14. Ian Callaghan
  15. The Kenny Dalglish Stand
  16. James Milner
  17. Sir Matt Busby
  18. Flamengo
  19. Virgil van Dijk
  20. Demba Ba (Chelsea)