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The City of Liverpool


  1. Liverpool celebrated which anniversary in 2007? The number of years since King John announced the foundation of the borough of Liverpool.
  2. Liverpool airport is better known these days by which name?
  3. What is the name of the complex of dock buildings and warehouses opened in 1846?
  4. The liver bird symbol of Liverpool is commonly thought to be a cross between an eagle and which aquatic bird?
  5. The Cavern Club, which regularly played host to the Beatles, is a nightclub on which Liverpool street?

  6. Which British Prime Minister was born in 1809 at number 62 Rodney Street, Liverpool? (Hint: When he resigned for the final time, he was Britain’s oldest Prime Minister, aged 84.)
  7. What is the local nickname of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral?
  8. Can you name the two road tunnels under the River Mersey?
  9. Which Liverpudlian playwright wrote the British drama television series 'Boys from the Blackstuff'?
  10. Name the main railway station serving the city centre of Liverpool?
  11. The Mersey Estuary separates Liverpool from which peninsula?
  12. Which racecourse is the venue for the Grand National which takes place annually in April?
  13. Which park is known for dividing the home grounds of Everton and Liverpool football clubs?
  14. Name the type of local stew, typically made from chunks of meat, usually lamb or beef, potatoes and onion?
  15. Liverpool's Anfield stadium has four stands. The Main Stand, the Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand and the Anfield Road End are three, can you name the fourth?
  16. The Grants were the first family to moved onto which Close? They lived at number 5.
  17. Which English television writer wrote several sitcoms, including The Liver Birds and Bread?
  18. What was the name of the British rock and roll group formed by John Lennon in Liverpool in 1956?,
  19. Which Grade II listed building is located at the Pier Head with the neighbouring Port of Liverpool Building and Royal Liver Building?
  20. Meccano was a model construction system created in 1898 by which Liverpool inventor, businessman and politician?
  21. In 1992 the Liverpool Polytechnic was named after which local businessman and philanthropist?
  22. Which English writer from Liverpool won the Whitbread Awards prize for best novel in 1977 and 1996 and was nominated five times for the Booker Prize?
  23. In July 1981 infamous riots took place in which inner-city area of Liverpool?
  24. Which theatre stands at the north end of Hope Street?
  25. Who gained national prominence in the 1980s as the deputy leader of Liverpool City Council?
  26. Which art gallery in Liverpool houses one of the largest art collections in England outside of London?
  27. Former England footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen grew up and met in which area of Liverpool?
  28. The world’s first set of all-female sextuplets were born in 1983 to which family from Wallasey?
  29. Which area of Liverpool is well known as the home of comedian Ken Dodd, who often mentioned it in his acts?
  30. Which road is known for its concentration of public buildings and is often referred to as the "Cultural Quarter"?
  31. Which politician's first novel, The Four Streets, draws on her Liverpool Catholic background? It became a number one best-selling e-book.
  32. "Ferry Cross the Mersey" was a 1964 song written by which singer-songwriter?
  33. Which Liverpudlian comedian was a host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium in the mid-1960s?
  34. Liverpool football club have proudly won how many European Cups?
  35. Which Liverpool born actor and screenwriter played Mr. Farthing in the 1969 film Kes?
  36. Harold Wilson said of which Liverpool MP: "She was born to fight for the people of the docks, of the slums, of the factories and in every part of the city where people needed help"?


  1. 800th
  2. John Lennon Airport, Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  3. The Royal Albert Dock
  4. Cormorant
  5. Mathew Street
  6. William Ewart Gladstone
  7. Paddy's Wigwam
  8. The Queensway Tunnel (opened 1934) and the Kingsway Tunnel (opened 1971)
  9. Alan Bleasdale
  10. Lime Street
  11. The Wirral Peninsula
  12. Aintree Racecourse
  13. Stanley Park
  14. Scouse
  15. The Spion Kop, or The Kop
  16. Brookside Close (British television soap opera, set in Liverpool)
  17. Carla Lane
  18. The Quarrymen (which evolved into the Beatles in 1960)
  19. The Cunard Building
  20. Frank Hornby
  21. Sir John Moores (known as Liverpool John Moores University)
  22. Beryl Bainbridge
  23. Toxteth
  24. The Everyman Theatre
  25. Derek Hatton
  26. The Walker Art Gallery
  27. Croxteth
  28. Walton's (Graham and Janet Walton)
  29. Knotty Ash
  30. William Brown Street
  31. Nadine Dorries
  32. Gerry Marsden
  33. Jimmy Tarbuck
  34. Six
  35. Colin Welland
  36. Bessie Braddock