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London Places

Test your knowledge of London places

  1. Once referred to as the “Piccadilly Circus” of South London, this place gets its name from a pub once popular with ivory merchants?
  2. Which street in the East End of London, also known as Banglatown, is famous for its many curry houses?
  3. An affluent residential district in West London is known as Maida what?
  4. Which suburban district of Haringey is mentioned in The Madness song "Driving in My Car"?
  5. What four letter word comes after both Hackney and Hampton to make areas of London?

  6. Jack the Ripper was active in and around which district of London?
  7. Which London entertainment district possibly gets it's name from a former hunting cry?
  8. Which urban area in the Borough of Barnet is famous for its Metropolitan Police training centre?
  9. Parliament Hill is an area of open parkland in the south-east corner of which grassy public space?
  10. Which district of Kensington was known for having one of the country's largest indoor arenas until its closure in 2014?
  11. The famous Kray twins lived and operated in which area during the 1960s?
  12. Which area of the London Borough of Camden gives its name to the publishing house which publishes the Harry Potter series?
  13. On which London street can you find the world’s largest antiques market?
  14. Which street or square gave its name in the 80s to the stereotypical kind of young upper class ladies seen in the area?
  15. Which district is noted for the diamond centre at Hatton Garden and its links to the legal profession?


  1. Elephant & Castle
  2. Brick Lane
  3. Vale (Maida Vale)
  4. Muswell Hill
  5. Wick
  6. Whitechapel
  7. Soho
  8. Hendon
  9. Hampstead Heath
  10. Earl's Court
  11. Bethnal Green
  12. Bloomsbury
  13. The Portobello Road
  14. Sloane Street, or Sloane Square
  15. Holborn