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Quiz I

  1. By what nickname is the London Underground known?

  2. The London Underground has the oldest section of underground railway in the world, in which decade did this first open?
  3. Opened in 1979, which London Underground line is the newest line on the network?
  4. Who designed the first schematic Tube map in 1931: (A) Harry Beck, (b)Harry Berry, or (c) Harry Black?
  5. Which line is colour-coded yellow on London's Tube map?
  6. Can you name the only Tube station with the letter 'z' in its name?
  7. The shortest distance between stations is about 260 metres on the Picadilly Line, between Covent Garden and which other station?
  8. Which 1967 film revolves around a spacecraft and alien bodies being discovered in the fictional Hobbs End station?
  9. Which line runs from Harrow and Wealdstone in north London to the Elephant and Castle south of the River Thames, and is colour-coded brown on Tube maps?
  10. Which station near The Ritz Hotel serves Buckingham Palace along with St James's Park station?
  11. Which station on the Victoria line between Victoria and Vauxhall gets its name from the area it serves which is believed to be named after a 16th century publican?
  12. Electronic ticketing in the form of which contactless blue credit card was introduced in 2003?


  1. The Tube
  2. 1860s (1863)

  3. The Jubilee line
  4. Harry Beck
  5. The Circle line (yellow)
  6. Belsize Park
  7. Leicester Square
  8. Quatermass and the Pit (U.S. title: Five Million Years to Earth)
  9. The Bakerloo Line
  10. Green Park
  11. Pimlico
  12. The Oyster Card

Quiz II

  1. True or false. Fewer than 10 per cent of Tube stations lie south of the Thames?
  2. Which line, light blue on the Tube map, was constructed in the 1960s and was the first entirely new underground line in London for 50 years?
  3. Which Underground line comes first alphabetically?
  4. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Hogwarts' Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has a scar in the shape of the London Underground map on which part of his body?
  5. Which American TV presenter was born at Highgate Tube station during the Second World War?
  6. Which line is colour-coded red and runs from West Ruislip in west London to Epping in east London?
  7. How many Tube stations have the word 'Square' in their name?
  8. What percentage of the Underground is actually underground: (a)45%, (b)65%, or (c)85%?
  9. The District line is colour-coded green but can you name any of the two stations that have 'Green' in their name on this line?
  10. On the Central line from West Ruislip to Epping, how long is the longest journey (as of 2019) on the Tube without changing lines: (a)24 miles, (b)29 miles, or (c)34 miles?
  11. As of 2019, how many stations are served by the London Underground? (Get within 20 stations for the point!)
  12. The Hammersmith & City line, that runs between Hammersmith in west London and Barking in east London, is what colour on the Tube map?
  13. There are two stations with names that contain just four letters, can you name either?
  14. Two station names end with the word 'Gardens', can you name both?


  1. True
  2. The Victoria line
  3. Bakerloo
  4. His (left) knee
  5. Jerry Springer (his mother had taken shelter in the station from an air raid)
  6. The Central line
  7. Four (Euston Square, Leicester Square, Russell Square, and Sloane Square)
  8. 45 percent
  9. Turnham Green or Parsons Green
  10. (c)34 miles (34.1 miles to be exact)
  11. 270 stations, so any answer between 250 and 290 is correct for this question
  12. Pink
  13. Bank or Oval
  14. Kew Gardens and Ruislip Gardens (also there's a Covent Garden, but this has no 's' at the end)

Tube Trivia III

  1. Two Tube station names contain all five vowels of the alphabet, can you name one of these?
  2. Crossrail is an under development 73-mile railway line that will open in early 2021, what will be it's official line name?

  3. Which line runs from Cockfosters to Heathrow Airport?
  4. Name the fictitious station that features in the TV soap Eastenders?
  5. Which station in the London Borough of Lambeth is located on the Northern line between Oval and Clapham North stations, and on the Victoria line between Brixton and Vauxhall stations?
  6. Name the only station on the Monopoly board (UK official version) which is not also the name of a Tube station?
  7. What colour is the Jubilee line on the Tube map?
  8. Originally known as Gillespie Road, which London Underground station was renamed in 1932 after a football club?
  9. Colloquially known as The Drain, which line is coloured turquoise and is by far the shortest line on the Tube network?
  10. Only two lines on the Underground network run completely underground, name either?
  11. Which station is both the northernmost and westernmost London Underground station?
  12. In 2017/18 the network carried 1.4 billion passengers, but how many lines are there in the network?
  13. Which line is coloured black on the Tube map?
  14. North Greenwich station on the Jubilee line, which opened in 1999, is adjacent to which landmark?
  15. Which London Underground station has an exit in Trafalgar Square?
  16. Which station, in 2017 the second busiest station on the London Underground, is within walking distance of the London Eye?
  17. What links the TV series Birds of a Feather with the name of a London Underground station that serves a town in Essex?


  1. Mansion House or South Ealing
  2. The Elizabeth line
  3. The Piccadilly line
  4. Walford East (and supposedly on the District Line)
  5. Stockwell
  6. Fenchurch Street (Liverpool Street Station, King’s Cross and Marylebone are all Tube stations)

  7. Silver (to mark the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II)
  8. Arsenal (the only Tube station named directly after a football club)
  9. Waterloo & City line
  10. The Victoria line or the Waterloo & City line
  11. Chesham Tube station
  12. 11 lines (correct as of 2019)
  13. The Northern line
  14. The O2 or the Millennium Dome
  15. Charing Cross
  16. Waterloo station
  17. Chigwell