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Luxembourg Quiz


  1. What is the official name of Luxembourg?
  2. Which countries border Luxembourg?
  3. 98% of the Luxembourg population speak which language?
  4. Name the capital and largest city?
  5. The northern section of the country is formed by part of which region of extensive forests?

  6. True or false. Luxembourgish is a language spoken in Luxembourg?
  7. What name is given to the union between the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg?
  8. What's the population: (a) 645,000, (b) 1,645,000, or (c) 2,645,000?
  9. What is the currency?
  10. The national flag of Luxembourg consists of three horizontal stripes of what colours?
  11. Which Luxembourgish politician served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013?
  12. The Mullerthal region of Luxembourg is known as 'Little' what?
  13. True or false. Luxembourg is the second wealthiest country in the European Union, per capita?
  14. In the 1960s, many people moved to Luxembourg from which European country? They now make the largest group of foreigner citizens living in the country.
  15. Luxembourg is roughly the same size as which American state?


  1. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  2. Belgium, Germany and France
  3. French
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Ardennes
  6. True
  7. Benelux
  8. (a) 645,000
  9. Euro
  10. Red (top), white (middle) and blue (bottom)
  11. Jean-Claude Juncker
  12. Little Switzerland
  13. False. It is the wealthiest.
  14. Portugal
  15. Rhode Island