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Welcome to our Mammals Quiz


  1. Prior to human settlement what were the only land mammals native to of New Zealand?
  2. What is the alternative name for the wildebeest?
  3. Which animal also known as the lesser ape, has a joint in the wrist unlike any other animal which allows for a massive range of rotation, permitting them to exhibit unrivalled acrobatics?
  4. Which mammal is known as the forest giraffe?
  5. Which animal is the largest wild mammal in Britain?
  6. Can you name the longest-lived of all land mammals?

  7. In terms of number of species, the order containing bats is second largest, which order of mammal contains the largest number of species at around 40% of all mammal species?
  8. Which animals are used for meat and are a culinary staple in the Andes Mountains, where they are known as cuy?
  9. The deadliest creature in Africa is the mosquito, but what is the deadliest mammal?
  10. Which giant cavy rodent native to South America is the largest living rodent in the world? It is sometimes known as the 'water pig'.
  11. The common vampire bat is native to which continent?
  12. Which mammal is the loudest animal on earth?
  13. What type of animal is a black howler?
  14. What is the preferred food of polar bears?
  15. Which mammal comes first, alphabetically?
  16. Urchin is an old English name for which British native mammal?
  17. Which country has the most endangered mammal species in the world?
  18. Which nocturnal mammals have large, protective keratin scales covering their skin?
  19. Which animal has a unique one way valve in their veins to prevent back flow when the head is tilted down?
  20. Which mammal found in the remote reaches of the the forests and subarctic and alpine tundra of the Northern Hemisphere also gives the State of Michigan it's nickname?
  21. The meerkat is native to which country?
  22. Do hares live above or below ground?
  23. Which wild cat has alternative names including puma, mountain lion, red tiger, and catamount?
  24. What is the smallest mammal in the world: (a) the pygmy shrew, (b) the bumblebee bat, or (c) the chinchilla?


  1. Bats
  2. Gnu
  3. Gibbon
  4. Okapi
  5. Red deer
  6. Humans
  7. Rodents
  8. Guinea pigs
  9. Hippopotamus
  10. Capybara
  11. South America
  12. The blue whale
  13. Monkey
  14. Seals
  15. Aardvack
  16. Hedgehog
  17. Indonesia
  18. Pangolins
  19. Giraffes
  20. Wolverine
  21. South Africa

  22. Above ground (all rabbits (except cottontail rabbits) live underground in burrows, while hares live in simple nests above the ground)
  23. Cougar
  24. (b) the bumblebee bat